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GriF: a 3D infrared integral Field Spectrograph
Diffraction limited spectroscopy in the K band

Note: GriF is no longer offered at CFHT

GriF is an upgrade to KIR that allows integral field spectroscopy in the K band, with a spatial resolution at the diffraction limit of the telescope (~0.12") using PUEO, the CFHT adaptive optics bonnette . It consists of a (warm) Fabry Perot interferometer, coupled with a grism in the KIR filter wheel, that disperses the Fabry Perot orders. A rectangular field selector in the focal plane (~6" x 36" on the sky) prevents the orders from overlapping spatially on the detector. For detailed information, please see the official site at DESPA or read a PASP paper

The Fabry Perot Perot mode will be available for 2004A, although narrow band filters will need to be used for order sorting . The focal plane wheel, which normally allows for coronography, long slit spectroscopy and the cross dispersed mode is undergoing major redesign and will not be available for 2004A.

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