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GriF First results and images

First Light from GriF/FP on PUEO

Credit: Image courtesy of Y. Clénet1 & E. le Coarer2 from the GriF team and J.L. Lemaire1 & D. Field3, observers

1 DESPA, Observatoire de Paris, Meudon, France
2 Observatoire de Grenoble, France
3 Aarhus University, Danemark

Tuesday night, December 5th at 19h45 Hawaiian time, the first data cube scanning the s(1)(1-0) line of molecular hydrogen at 2.12 microns was obtained with the Fabry Perot of GriF and the adaptive optics bonnette of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. This image features shows parts of the Orion Molecular Cloud, OMC-1. The region next to the Becklin-Neugebauer object is visible, with the so-called bullets: blobs of material, part of a large scale molecular outflow being ejected at high speed.

The velocity field is color coded in the image. Material moving toward us is shown in blue, while material receding from us appears in red. The complex velocity field of the outflow and the "bullets" are apparent. Note that this image has not been treated for cosmetics.

An example of the use of the new coronographic mode of GriF on PUEO

This image shows the faint companion of Sirius A, a mere 4" to the South East, the white dwarf Sirius B, 10 magntiudes fainter. These short exposures were obtained in the H2 narrow line filter. Note the diffraction ring around the companion demonstrating that the diffraction limit was indeed reached on this image
Olivier Lai
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