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MOS Data Reduction Procedures

Direct imaging

The basic data processing of direct CCD images includes the following steps:

For detailed data reduction procedures for direct imaging we recommend that you read the "User's guide to the CCDRED Package", Francisco Valdez, 1987, (NOAO/IRAF group).



The basic data processing for spectroscopic data includes the following steps, the first ones being similar to data processing of direct images:

The MULTIRED package

The MULTIRED package has been written under IRAF by O. Le Fèvre to process MOS/OSIS multi-slit data following the above steps. The package can be obtained as a gzipped, tar file: multired.tgz

To unpack and recreate the files, type the command:

gunzip -c multired.tar | tar xvf -

Proceed with the installation of the package in IRAF, by following the steps described in the file README.

MULTIRED is a very efficient package which helps you keep track of slit numbers, works on multiple images per mask, and performs the dataprocessing steps in a painless sequence to produce flat/sky corrected 2D spectra, as well as wavelength and flux calibrated 1D spectra. On line help is available for each MULTIRED task.

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