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30 October, 2000

CFHT preparing for its 21st anniversary !

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CFHT preparing for its 21st anniversary !

Credit: Image courtesy of John McDonald - CFHT

The 3.6m Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope saw first light in 1979. To celebrate 21 years of scientific activities the corporation is organizing a week full of activities. The program can be found on the web site.

In order to prepare the summit facility, a new paint coat is being applied to the dome. It is displayed on this week's image. The paint job presented here is actually only the primer coat. The final coat will be this one .


Technical description:

Removing old paint and putting a new coat is a hard job at an altitude of 4200m (14000ft). Special care has to be taken. CFHT is also concerned by environmental issues and by the sacred nature of the summit site. The company is therefore also making a special effort in the process and any debris, particles, and dust generated during the repainting of the dome will be carefully collected and evacuated from the site.

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