CFHTLS Elixir Data Releases
The following table lists the Elixir (CFHT preprocessed and calibrated) data releases to CADC and the date these data were made available to the CFHTLS community at CADC. The data have already reached Terapix by the time they are made available to the CFHTLS users. The ellapsed time between the moment data ship from CFHT to CADC and the moment they become available at CADC is on the order of 1 week.

Elixir ref. / DADS ref.Period(s) coveredShip from CFHTEL_SYSNote
LS003 / 03B-CADC-010 03B Q05-Q07 Mar. 19, 2003 2.0Second batch from 03B
LS002 / 03B-CADC-009 03B Q01-Q04 Feb. 10, 2003 2.0First batch from 03B
LS001 / 03B-CADC-007 All 03A runs Nov. 23, 2003 2.0First official release
LS000 / 03B-CADC-005 All 03A runs Aug. 15, 2003 1.0Test - Not made available

Please consult the page "Elixir Releases History" on this site for more information on the evolution of the Elixir system to find out about the improvements brought to the recipies from one version to the next.

The very first Elixir CFHTLS data coming out from CFHT start at the release Elixir-LS001 for the Elixir System Version 2.0 (FITS keyword EL_SYS = 2.0).

CFHT will soon have a final stable set of Elixir recipies for the MegaCam data and at that time all the CFHTLS data acquired since the instrument became stable (June 2003) will be reprocessed at CFHT, transfered to CADC and posted to replace the frames processed with the version 2.0. Expect this to happen during the semester 2004A.