Full ASCII catalog of exposures per survey to download
Here are the principal catalogs of exposures for the three individual surveys (all fields per survey, all filters, and the extra photometric bootstrapping exposures the tenth of the exposure time of the main exposure) ordered by chronological order of acquisition (filename's odometer always increments from one entry to the next).

To save a catalog to disk, keep the SHIFT key pushed and click on the link (the catalog name) and your browser will prompt you for a location to save it locally on your machine.

Deep CFHTLS-Deep.log
Wide CFHTLS-Wide.log
Very Wide CFHTLS-VeryWide.log

You can also automatically retrieve those files from some scripted procedures you may want to setup on your side to build your own database. These files get incremented when the CFHTLS DATA WWW pages get updated (at the end of each run for sure, optimally after each night of observing in the near future), hence a "diff" command would give you the latest entries in comparison to your previous download. Here are the commands to automatically retrieve the three main catalogs:

Deep wget http://www.cfht.hawaii.edu/Science/CFHTLS-DATA/data.CFHTLSDATA/Deep/CFHTLS-Deep.log
Wide wget http://www.cfht.hawaii.edu/Science/CFHTLS-DATA/data.CFHTLSDATA/Wide/CFHTLS-Wide.log
Very Wide wget http://www.cfht.hawaii.edu/Science/CFHTLS-DATA/data.CFHTLSDATA/VeryWide/CFHTLS-VeryWide.log