MegaPrime - CFHT Data Products
In addition to offering to the Principal Investigators the service observing through QSO, CFHT also delivers with Elixir data corrected for the instrumental signature, as well as photometrically and astrometrically calibrated on a per CCD basis (the global solutions over the whole mosaic and image stacking is a service provided by the Terapix Data Center).

In addition to the usual FITS files, a set of data, called the Meta-Data, is provided along in the form of FITS tables. These tables contain all sorts of information related to the observing conditions and data processing associated to each individual FITS image file (in particular the most precious SkyProbe data showing if the data were taken under photometric conditions or not).

An example of a Meta-Data distribution is proposed on this page. Please note that the contain of these pages (generated in Aug 2003) are not be up to date in regard of the latest Elixir release.

Since the Meta-Data are the prime interface for data exchange between the various entities involved in MegaPrime data release to the community in its various forms (CADC and Terapix), these Meta-Data and all the MegaPrime specific FITS keywords have been defined in an Interface Control Document by the CFHT, the CADC and Terapix. The latest revision can be retrieved here. Please note that this document is not yet finalized, specially for the interfaces other than the CFHT-CADC ones.