6.5 Transfer to CADC and CDS

6.5.1 Data products at CADC

The data products that are archived and distributed by CADC are all MD5 checksummed by terapix prior to delivery to cadc. The MD5-checksum is calculated again immediately before and after the transfer, and the checksum values are all preserved in the cadc archive. terapix verified the integrity of the whole T0007 release by comparing the terapix and cadc checksum values. The checksums can be downloaded by the CFHTLS users so any user can verify that the images are not corrupted after the transfer from cadc to his own disk.

Note that prior to transfer all data are now compressed using gzip. There is no longer RICE compressed data in the T0007 archived because all weight-map and stack images are not 16-bit Integer FITS files. CFHTLS users also expressed a preference for gzipped data.

6.5.2 Data products at CDS

The Centre de Donnees astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS) (?) provides several products derived from the CFHTLS T0007 surveys:

These products are available through the following links :


Figure 51: Upper panel: CFHTLS all-sky previews available via Aladin server. Lower Panel: From the whole sky view to M101: an example of CFHTLS Wide u-band multi-resolution all-sky preview.