CFHT Observation Proposals

Statistics on past rounds of proposals

Past Semester Statistics

The following tables present some numbers regarding the queue observations for the indicated programs and semesters, and the following agencies: Canada, France+Opticon, Hawaii, Taiwan, China, and Large Programs. The tables exclude Director's Discretionary time, engineering time, and snapshot programs. Note that the numbers presented include all observations for a given semester's set of programs, whether the programs were observed during the indicated semester, or during a previous or later semester.

Some definitions and explanations:

  • I-time alloc. A+B: the sum of the official allocation for each agency. This allocation only includes A and B programs. C-ranked programs and Snapshot programs are not included on this line.
  • The number of hours is converted to a number of nights for the telescope schedule. The conversion factor used is indicated.
  • Engineering time and a certain number of Discretionary nights are added to complete a semester.
  • When issues outside of CFHT's control require major changes to the schedule, the number of nights on the final (modified) schedule is indicated. Major issues may include: mountain access issues, telescope or instrument failures, or lockdown due the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • If the telescope and instruments were not available and operational for a long duration, the table indicates how this impacted the number of nights actually available for each instrument.
  • The I-time observed includes A, B, and C programs.
  • Not all the time observed is validated.
  • The completion indicates the fraction of the allocated time that was validated.
Semester 22A Semester 21B

Pressure for Canadian and French PI proposals on PI-available time

(For PI programs.)

Overall scheduling of the instruments (in hours)

Average success of the PI proposals per instruments (number of nights allocated over number of nights requested for each instrument).

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