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Low-Light Cloudcams


Astronomy Images of the Month & Mauna Kea Photography

CFHT's spectacular images of the heavens, the fruit of a collaboration with Coelum Astronomia, have been used month after month since 2002 to produce a yearly wall calendar as well as an Image of the Month for the CFHT web site. Some of the best CFHT pictures have been edited as posters, seven large (27x38in) and ten medium (19x27in), which can be ordered online from CFHT. Click on the banner above to access the current Image of the Month, the archive of all past Images of the Month, photos of Mauna Kea and Hawaii, and more!

Videos : Hawaiian Starlight

The Hawaiian Startlight DVD is available through the Hawaiian Starlight web pages at CFHT, where trailers and more images and photos taken by CFHT's astronomer Jean-Charles Cuillandre can also be found. Click on the banner above and enjoy the tour!