Queued Service Observations 2012B

2012B schedule, programs, and run summaries

List of 2012B programs for: MegaCam, WIRCam, ESPaDOnS.

QrunID Instrument HST Dates Number of Nights Status Run Summary
12BQ01 WIRCam Aug 01 - 13 13 Done The run went very well weather-wise (just a few hours lost to clouds or high humidity, or affected by thin clouds) and technically (about 2h lost only). The QSO team observed a few 12A programs that were still feasible, to help improve the statistics for semester 12A. Over 7h of validated exposures were taken, on average, every night.
12BQ02 MegaCam Aug 14 - 27 14 Done An excellent run weather-wise, with only a little over one night lost to high humidity and fog. The IQ was not always good however, with nights above 1 arcsec. We were able to do a little bit of catching up for a couple of 12A programs, and lots of observations for 12B programs.
12BQ03 WIRCam Aug 28 - Sep 06 10 Done Despite a majority of the nights affected by thin cirrus or partly cloudy skies, the QSO Team managed to validate about 5h of data per night, on average. Some 12A programs that had been affected by the dome shutter failure have been observed whenever possible. A lot of 12B A programs were also observed successfully.
12BQ04 MegaCam Sep 07 - 23 17 Done Part of a night was lost to a technical issue with MegaCam, and a full night was lost to fog. Most nights were very productive, and we averaged almost 7h of validated data per night.
12BQ05 ESPaDOnS Sep 24 - 30 7 Done About half of the nights were affected by thin cirrus or thicker clouds, but the QSO team never stopped observing. There were no technical issues.
12BQ06 WIRCam Oct 01 - 14 14 Done After a few nights of overcast or partly cloudy skies, the skies cleared up and allowed the QSO team to observe under great conditions. The IQ degraded and became unstable during the last 3 nights of the run. On average, 6.8h of validated data were taken each night.
12BQ07 MegaCam Oct 15 - 24 10 Done There were no technical issues this run, but almost 32h were lost to clouds or fog, especially towards the end of the run. About 5.5h of validated data were taken every night, on average.
12BQ08 WIRCam Oct 25 - Nov 06 13 Done This was an excellent run, with barely 3 hours lost to weather and technical issues. There were a few clouds at the beginning of the run but the last 10 nights were photometric, with excellent IQ typically around 0.6" in Ks. A-ranked programs are done, and over 60% of B-ranked programs have been completed.
Classical AOB Nov 07 - 12 6 Done N/A
12BQ09 MegaCam Nov 13 - 20 8 Done The run started with clear skies but was quickly affected by thin cirrus, then thick clouds or fog. The equivalent of at least 5 nights was lost to adverse weather conditions. Winter has arrived...
12BQ10 ESPaDOnS Nov 21 - Dec 09 19 Done A poor run weather-wise. All but 2 nights were affected by clouds, fog, or precipitation.
12BQ11 ESPaDOnS Dec 19 - Jan 02 15 Done Due to a failure of the dome crane, the exchange was delayed and the previously planned MegaCam run cancelled. The last ESPaDOnS run of the semester went well. Most of the time lost was attributed to poor weather (thick clouds or high humidity). The equivalent of about 7 nights had clear skies. Almost all A programs have been completed, and most B programs have a completion rate of 85% or more.
12BQ12 MegaCam Jan 03 - 21 19 Done The run was affected by the dome shutter failure of Jan 5, some bad weather, and then a power outage that happened on Jan 20. Progress has been poor.
12BQ13 WIRCam Jan 22 - 31 11 Cancelled Due to delays that followed the Jan 20 power outage, the WIRCam run has been cancelled, and MegaCam will end the semester.