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I am a science fiction and fantasy fanatic. I also like the art of Boris Vallejo. Here are a couple of pics scammed off the Web. I have included the signature dates and/or calendar dates, where known. Sig dates will be just a year, and the calendar, obviously, includes the month the picture appeared.
Amazon - 255K

Amazon's Queen - 64K 1985, April 1986

Basilisk - 546K

Bursting Out - 80K 1983, March 1985

Celis - 154K 1993

Cerberus - 205K

The Executioner - 79K 1983, October 1985

Full Moon - 62K 1984, March 1986

Hippocam - 108K

Icarus - 141K

Invictus - 78K 1982, November 1985

Medusa - 136K 1988

Phoenix - 414K

Siren Song - 546K 1979

Witch and Her Familiar - 96 K 1982, May 1985

Unnamed - yet. Someday I will try to look up the titles.

bv4 - 58K 1981

bv7 - 61K 1978

bv9 - 88K

bv10 - 87K

bv15 - 77K 1983

b17v - 84K 1981

bv19 - 75K 1979

bv20 - 83K

bv21 - 87K

bv22 - 93K 1982

bv24 -73 K 1979

bv25 -84 K 1978

bv27 -85 K 1978

bv28 -75 K 1985

bv30 - 60 K 1984

The 1993 calendar

The quality of these scans is pretty bad

Centerfold - 67K A Chilean Myth: Cherufe
In Chilean mythology, the Cherufe was a gigantic, fabulous lava-creature who lived in volcanoes and fed upon young maidens. In order to keep this fiery creature from annihilating the local population, the Sun god sent his two warrior daughters to guard the Cherufe with magic swords capable of freezing him. But occasionally he would make an escape - thereby creating volcanic eruptions.

January - 132K A Norse myth: Mimir
In Norse mythology, Mimir was a giant of superhuman strength who stood half-immersed in the Waters of Ultimate Wisdom, supporting the Kjolen Mountains on his powerful shoulders. He was said to have been at his post since the world came into being and to have become part of the mountain itself. Oracles in ancient times would bring vessels and retrieve water from the pool in order to learn the secrets of the earth.

February - 98K A Germanic Myth: Jotun
The Jotun was a benevolent angel-demon in Germanic mythology. The Valkyries made offerings to him in exchange for strength to help them in battle. The Jotun could adopt different shapes and would often accompany the Balkyries to combat while remaining invisible to opponents.

March - 122K A Finnish myth: Kalevanpojat
The demonic finnish folklore giant, Kalevanpojat, was created by the goddess Aliej from burned trees after a forest fire. Kalevanpojat was fiven the ability to turn fertile land into heaps of stones with the power of his magic sickle, but he could convert wastland into marshy meadows.

April - 97K A Peruvian myth: Condor-Chuqui
Condor-Chuqui was revered as the farther of the birds of prey among the people of the ancient Machica culture in the Peruvian Andes. He was represented as having the skull-like head of a bird and the tail of a snake. Sacrifices were periodically offered to him in the form of maidens who had been brought up for that purpose. These females were highly trained warriors and it was believed that the gigantic bird would take their spirit to become part of the army of the sun-god, Inti.

May - 83K An Aztec myth: Quetzalcoatl
Worshipped by the Aztecs as god of the wind, knowledge, and the zodiac, Quetzalcoatl was a glorious feathered snake who eventually transformed himself into the morning star. According to one version of the myth, he abducted the Mexican goddess of intoxicating drink, Mayahuel, to be his wife. When she was killed by the demons of darkness, he transformed her body into flowers that blanketed the countryside.

June - 105K A Polynesian Myth: Tinirau
In Polynesian mythology, Tinirau was a terrifying god of the ocean and the fish. Also known as "the swallower," he was sometimes portrayed in human form and sometimes in fish form. Several versions of this myth refer to his love relationship with the golden Sun-goddess, Hina.

July - 120K A Greek myth: Dryads
The Dryads were Greek mythological female spirits of nature who lived in the trees. They were born from the trees in which they lived and each one perished with the tree that had been her home. The Dryads presided over the forests and were known to punish thoughtless mortals for injuring trees.

September - 121K An Albanian Myth: Bolla
Among the ancient Albanians, Bolla (known as Bullar in South Albania) was a demonic, dragon-like creature. On Saint George's Day the monster would open its eyes, and if it should see a human being, it would devour him or her. At the end of twelve years, the Bolla was believed to mutate into another fearsome being by the name of Kulshedra.

October - 127K A Finnish myth: Ilmarinen
In Finnish mythology, Ilmarinen was the ruler of wind and weather. Traveling the sky accompanied by her sister, she created wind with her powerful wings and sounded thunder with her roar. As her sister produced electricity, Ilmarinen hurled lightning to the earth. The two of them were also known to be protectors of travelers.

November - 95K An Indian myth: The Man-faced Manticore
Feared as the terror of the INdian jungles, manticores had the body of a lion and the face of a man. They had razor-sharp teeth compled with jaws that had the power to crush the thickest bones. They were hunted by the Maruts, a tribe of savage warrior-women who lived off the manticore's flesh and made poisonous darts from their teeth.

December - 87K A Greek myth: Hesperides and Ladon the dragon
The Hesperides were Greek maidens who, with the aid of the dragon Ladon, guarded the tree baring the golden apples that Gaea had given Hera on her wedding to Zeus. The mymphs were the daughters of Atlas and Nyx, the goddess of night.


A bunch of images from his fantistic book, MIRAGE. Many of these are quite large, and more than fill a 1280 x 1024 screen. Perhaps a viewer which can shrink is needed here...
03 - 309K

04 - 280K Siren Song

05 - 286K Prisoner

07 - 296K

08 - 303K Angel

09 - 268K

fantasia - 9K There's nothing Mickey Mouse about this one!

dragon - 4K

death - 135K