ST1100 Part Numbers

This list contains many of the semi-secret Honda and third party part numbers which appear on the list after being carefully researched by diligent STOC'ers. I keep them here so they won't be continually lost forever to STOC'dom. This may even work...

moly grease for rear splines
Honda part # 08734-0001 for 3 oz. tube of "Pro Honda, Moly 60 Paste", 60% Molybdenum Disulfide Paste. A tube is about $9.00. If you want to buy generic ask for either "Moly 60", or "assembly lube" at an auto parts place. One type is Bel Ray Assembly Lube w/Molylube.

tapered steering head bearings
Generic bearing part numbers are: Lower set is 32006JR, upper set is 32005X.The manufacturer of this particular set was MBS (Japan).

The word is that the MBS bearings fit. The Timken 32006X fits in place of the MBS 32006JR but the Timken 32005X and the MBS 32005X do not match even though the p/n's are identical.

head bearings
Lower set is 32006JR
Upper set is 32005X
The manufacturer of this particular set was MBS (Japan).This may assist cross referencing.
SH903 is the number of the set for the ST and Goldwings from parts unlimited.

steering stem special socket
Part Number: 07916-3710100, Honda code: 52445, MSRP: $32.75

GL1500 steering head tapered bearings

Upper bearing and race 91015-425-832 $20.32

Lower bearing and race 91016-371-000 $25.78

seal 53214-371-010 $ 6.48

These are Honda OEM part numbers and will compare favorably with the aftermarket with the STOC discount at CompA. BTW the seal does not "drag" like some of the aftermarket ones do. This is the reason that I changed to these. The set & seal have been in my ST for 48k with no problems. My $.02 Steven OBrien

rear wheel bearings
List of interchangable (hopefully) generic bearings for the ST rear wheel.
Fafnir        - 204KPP
Hoover        - 99204
MRC           - 204SZZ
Nachi         - 6204-2NSL
New Departure - 99504
SKF           - 6204-2RS
NTN           - 6204LL 
The key is the 204, which indicates the size of the bearing. The ND 504 size isn't familiar, either a typo or ND is trying to pull a fast one on us.

Another note: the two rear bearings are different sizes, and this is for only one of them -- the cheaper one. The other is a dual row bearing. Someday I'll try to get the whole story.

Part nos for the double row bearing: 
Honda 91053-MN5-003 
MRC 5204 CZZ   
front wheel bearings
Honda part numbers:
   91-96     6004UU
   after 96  6204UU
Same bearing on both sides 

A suggestion on bearings is to try CBR Bearings in San Diego (800)769-5388 . They have lifetime warranty. May not be the cheapest, but everyone says they sell only the highest quality bearings. And still less than at the STealer! They know the ST so you don't need part numbers.

John Deere plugs and sockets
RE11344 is for the plug and list for $6.65 US;
AL25073 is for the socket and list for $3.43 US.
They are compatible with the BMW parts and much cheaper. You can also get them from the Heat-Troller people at

Best of all you can obtain these through your local John Deere _tractor_ ( lawn and garden does not have access to them I'm told) parts dept. or by calling: Mel, at 303.535.4474. Shipping as required. Or by writing Mel at their parts department %

    Uniwest Equipment CO.
    4322 HWY 66
    Longmont, CO, 80504

You can also get to Deere on the Web at There is a dealer locator at the bottom of the page.

Hella plugs
are said to be the same as the BMW parts. They are available in Australia, and may be available through NAPA in the US. Part numbers are: plug 4914, socket 4918.

45/45 light bulbs
From Dennis Kirk, part number 22-129 is the generic replacement 45/45 bulb for the ST. It sells for $16.99 versus the Honda bulb which sells for about $30 at most Honda shops. It is manufactured by the same company in Japan that makes the Honda ST bulb!!

55/60 light bulbs
These are reported to have the exact same configuration as ST bulbs, but are for a Honda Civic!! Will have to go to the Honda cage shop. The part number is 33111-SR3-A01. Price is on the order of $6.50!! Info from Mike DiTullio, NO NO NO!!! Last word is that these do not fit an ST!!!

light bulb mods
Go to my hints section for several fixes on standard H4 bulbs. I recommend the coat hanger one.

fuel filter
Just wanted to pass along a tip. I picked up a Purolator fuel filter at the local Parts USA (formerly Pep Boys) that fits the ST nearly perfectly. It's a universal "Pro-Fuel", model Pro #806 for engines with 3/8 in fuel lines. It costs about $8 and you can get a pack of three replacement filter elements for $5. It consists of a glass cylinder with screw-on metal caps with o-rings at each end that allow disassembly for cleaning and filter element replacement. The rubber mounting strap that wraps around the OEM filter will fit too loosely but I was able to effect a near perfect fit by cutting a piece of rubber from an old bicycle tube, folding it over and stuffing it through the mounting strap behind the glass filter body. This maintains full visibility into the filter to easily check if it's due for changing and fully cushions the glass body. FWIW

Jeff Bertrand STOC 25

air filter
The best fitting automotive air filter is the Fram CA351. Napa gold 2073 is also said to work. May take a little sealing work. At $4, it certainly beats the $50+ from Honda.

air filter
Some alternative air filter data from John Warga:

The filter in my '96 has the following dimensions:

Outside diameter:   10  1/2" (268mm)
Inside diameter:     8  7/8" (226mm)
Height:              2  13/16" (72mm)
I looked up the CA351 (the usually recommended auto filter) in the Fram catalog and it lists the following dimensions:
Outside diameter:   11  1/4"
Inside diameter:     9  1/32"
Height:              2  5/8"

The catalog listed all their filters by size. It was clear that the = CA351 was the only filter that would fit the ST. It needs a spacer of = about 3/16in built on top of it to fit properly.

air filter
The ST airfilter is same for all the model years. The K&N filter number for the ST is HA-0002. The OEM filter number is HM MT3 E1. If your OEM filter has this code (on the metal rim) then the HA-0002 will fit. Kit S. Tan

air filter
I have received the Amsoil ST1100 air filter. The filter measures 10.5\" outside diameter, 9.375\" inside diameter and a height of 2.375\". The filter has .5\" of sealing foam for a total height of 2.875\". This foam seals nicely around the carburetors.

The Amsoil filter is a two stage polyurethane foam filter with a steel mesh cage on the inside of the filter. This makes for easy foam removal as you do need to remove the foam from the steel mesh frame to wash and reoil yearly or every 25,000 miles. The filter is black in the middle and light gray on the top and bottom. The two stage filter is nicely finished with the Amsoil logo inlayed in the foam.

Installation is a snap. You must remove the standard tupperware to get the old air filter out. Then replace the old filter with the Amsoil filter. The top cover must be pushed lightly to seal. This provides a true airtight seal between the covers.

First Riding Impressions:

ScanTool breathes much better thru the entire rpm range. Amsoil claims 30% better airflow than stock. The bike definitely has quicker throttle response. The stock filter on the ST1100 must be very restrictive. I also noticed that the backfiring on deceleration is reduced.


The price for the AMSOIL ST1100 air filter is $27.00 postpaid. This filter does come preoiled for immediate installation. However if you need Amsoil air filter oil, this is available for $3.00. The foam filter oil is a special "tack oil" for long term effectiveness in a 8oz bottle. This is enough for 3-4 cleanings.

The Amsoil filter, foam filter oil can be shipped to you for the low price of $30.00. These filters fit all ST1100 models ABS+Non-ABS from 90-97.

If you would like a ST1100 Air filter, please send a check or money order for $30.00 to:

Jay Plummer 
4890 Evergreen Valley Way
Alpharetta, GA. 30202
Jay Plummer 
1994 ST1100 "ScanTool" STOC 185 
AMSOIL Dealer 
E-Mail Address

oil filter
Aftermarket oil filters for the ST.

These filters should fit exactly:

      All these part numbers are for the same filter: 
Wix 51358, NAPA 1358, Big A 92-358, Carquest 85-358.

Fram PH6017A

These will fit threads and gasket, but body is longer:

Wix     51356, NAPA 1356
Deutsch D-370
STP     S-02867 

Color matches for various ST paint colors:

gray wheels -- Dupli-Color SF GM 457

"Plasti-Kote" brand"Truck Color" touchup paint #FM 4908

DupliColor Scratch-Fix Touch Up paint, Part No. SF GM 435 is an almost perfect color match for the silver wheels (available at Wal-Mart).

spark plugs
The following plugs are supposed to be matches for the ST:

 Champion  G59C
 AC Delco  R121XLS
 Splitfire 430
 Autolite  4303  they also list a platinum  APL4303?? 

clutch boots
This is the little rubber thingie between the clutch lever and the master cylinder. Keeps the grease in and the weather out.

45504-410-003, boot comp 

alternator stator rewinding
Christman Motorcycle Electric
12817 De Haven Avenue
Sylmar, California 91342
(818) 362-7799 

BMW Sport Grips  left #32721458395, right 32721458396 

Sunline "Grand Touring Grips", from Parts Unlimited, p 462
of '98 Street Catalog.  Part # 440-01, retail $8.95. 

 Johar foam grips, Tucker Rockey, mfg # mc5122361, TR # 17-9406.

Hex head side panel fasteners (CBR or VFR type)
Honda part # 90112-MT4-000.  Retail price is $2.81 

Fan thermostats
Here are some possibilities for replacing the ST fan thermo switch with a cheaper, Honda Accord switch.
NAPA FS130    comes on a 180F, compared to 212 for OEM 

Wells & Sorensen  SW504  

European part numbers
These part numbers are for European ST's, and may not be valid in the US. If you have any more info on these, or other European parts, please send to me and I'll put it up here.

Pan-Euro decals (left): H087601-MAJ-610 

(right): H087602-MAJ-610

Wind deflector: H008P72-MAJ-B00

Deflector kit full: 08P72-MAJ-800

Mirror deflector kit: 08P72-MAJ-A00

Side deflector kit: 08P72-MAJ-B00

Deflector kit (Austria): 08151-MAJ-600

CBR900RR side cover screws
These items are a perfect fit replacement for the *&^^* plastic Phillips screws on the ST bodywork. Honda part # 90112-MAT-000, Honda code 5216114.

Cooling System & Timing Belt parts

The following is a list of parts that I used in replacing the timing belt and coolant system seals and hoses on my 1993 ST1100P. Prices were from Sevice Honda in Feb, 2001.

Part Nos. for coolant system major sevice.

16211-MT3-000       carburetor insulators (4)           $24.48
                    optional but recommended

16211-MT3-000       water pipe seal (1)                 $1.70

19300-MG9-000       thermostat (1)                      $28.68

91307-MB0-003       o-ring (54X2) (1)                   $1.30
                    thermostat housing

19503-MT3-000       upper radiator hose (1)             $8.33

19505-MT3-000       lower radiator hose (1)             $8.18

91331-PC9-003       o-ring (21.2X2.4) (2)               $2.99
                    cyl. head hose fittings

91311-KE8-000       o-ring (47.5X2) (1)                 $0.89
                    engine block inlet fitting

19504-MT3-000       hose (1)                            $12.35
                    LH cyl. head to thermostat hsng.

19506-MT3-000       hose (1)                            $10.38
                    RH cyl. head to thermostat hsng.

19520-MT3-000       oil cooler hose (1)                 $12.32

19525-MT3-000       oil cooler hose (1)                 $18.23

95005-55003-20M     bulk hose (5.5X3000) (1)            $9.15
                    by-pass & coolant reservoir

                    total                               $138.98

Part Nos. for timing belt replacement.

14401-MT3-004       timing belt (1)                     $60.83

22862-MW7-650       clutch slave cyl. gasket (1)        $2.42

18392-MJ4-670       RR muffler gasket (1)               $6.21

18291-MT3-000       exhaust pipe gasket (2)             $7.90

                    total                               $77.36

Bill Cruise
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