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I am a resident astronomer at the Canada France Hawaii Telescope Corporation. My specialty is high angular resolution, namely adaptive optical technologies and interferometry.

Some information and links on my exhibition of digitally recrafted watercolors, Visions of Death in Paradise.

I gave a presentation to the CFHT Staff trying to explain the FIRST instrument and the concepts behind interferometry; here are the slides... Hopefully, it will help to demistify this elegant and clever instrument!

New: MySpace profile and pictures!

Some of the extra-curricular talks (astrolunches) I have given in the past year or so:

  • The Theory of Everything - or why the end of Science is an absurd proposition. A rather pompous title but it is rather tongue in cheek. Loosely based on a lecture and some papers of Robert Laughlin and others.
  • In collaboration with out librarian, Liz Bryson, The Secret Life of Lobsters wherein we skillfully managed to tie in astronomy and justify our delirium tremens and fish gumbo! This is where I did some of my first watercolors.
  • Following the earthquake that hit Hawaii on October 15th, 2006, I thought that it would be interesting to research the kind of hazard we expose ourselves to by living on an active volcano. This gave rise to the Megatsunamis and Giant Landslides presentation.
  • I just gave a 30 minutes talk at the Kahilu Theater about why we (universally) have and like Music. No small task if you ask me... I have not yet found a good solution to displaying this multimedia presentation (with remixes of Bach+Cradle of Filth!) on my web page, but I'm working on it...

Link to some pictures of Christmas 2007 (and New Year) in France, Paris and Isola 2000.

Link to some pictures of our 2006 vacation to Tahiti and Tikehau.

I defended my Ph.D. dissertation on december 11th 1996, traveled around the world and went for a two year post-doc athe W.M. Keck Obsveratory to work on their AO system . Since October 1st 1999, I am back at CFHT (where I came to do parts of my Ph.D.).

Link to my List of Publications

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Some of my interests  are illustrated on the pictures opposite (although honestly, it's time for an update! check out myspace page.

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