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Gumball: The Database

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A Database for Gumball

This section presents a database for calibration spectra acquired with the Gumball for diverse instruments at CFHT. Since a large number of instrumental configurations is possible (e.g. different lamps, exposure times, slit widths, filters, CCDs etc can be used), it is quite possible that the specific calibration frame needed for your observations is not included in the actual database. Nevertheless, in such a case, the data presented can even be useful for line identification purpose for example. As such, this database should be used during the acquisition to verify that everything is fine with your calibration frames. Also, the complete list of spectral lines emitted by each source currently available in Gumball can also be found here.

Three Important Comments:

1) This database is evolving! More data will be gathered in time and included here. If you would like to see something useful for you that is not found here, please contact us!

2) This database does not represent a calibration plan. No data can be downloaded for your own calibration. It is only intended to provide reference calibration frames for your observations or data reduction.

3) Due to a problem with the color palette in the Netscape Browser, the quality of the black and white SAOimages presented in the database is seriously altered. It is preferable to restart Netscape from a normal window by typing netscape4 -install & This affects the way Netscape looks (e.g. the cursor has to be in the window) but has no other consequences.

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