SPIRou presentations and publications

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SPIRou Instrument:

On-sky results with the fast guiding system on the SPIRou spectroplarimeter at CFHT by Barrick et al, 2018

Test results and operating configuration of the calibration unit for the near-infrared spectropolarimeter SPIRou by Perruchot et al, 2018

SPIRou @CFHT: integration and performance of the cryogenic near infra-red spectrograph unit by Challita et al, 2018

SPIRou at CFHT: fiber links and pupil slicer by Micheau et al, 2018

SPIRou @CFHT: full in-lab and on-sky performances by Carmona et al, 2018

SPIRou: A NIR Spectropolarimeter/High-Precision Velocimeter for the CFHT by Donati et al, 2018

A new infrared Fabry-Pérot-based radial-velocity-reference module for the SPIRou radial-velocity spectrograph by Cersullo et al., 2017

A calibration unit for the near-infrared spectropolarimeter SPIRou by Boisse et al., 2016

Fluoride fiber thermal emission study for SPIRou @ CFHT by Micheau al., 2017

SPIRou @ CFHT: design of the instrument control system by Barrick et al., 2017

SPIRou @ CFHT: data reduction software and simulation tools by Artigau et al., 2012

Cryogenic mechanical design: SPIROU spectrograph by Reshetov et al., 2012

SPIRou @ CFHT: spectrograph optical design by Thibault et al., 2012

SPIRou @ CFHT: fiber links and pupil slicer by Micheau et al., 2012

Front end of the SPIRou spectropolarimeter for Canada-France Hawaii Telescope by Parès et al., 2012

SPIRou Science:

Spin-orbit alignment and magnetic activity in the young planetary system AU Mic by Martioli et al, 2020

Simulated mass measurements of the young planet K2-33b by Klein and Donati, 2020

Simulating radial velocity observations of trappist-1 with SPIRou by Klein and Donati, 2019

SPIRou Input Catalogue: Global properties of 440 M dwarfs observed with ESPaDOnS at CFHT by Fouque et al, 2018

Predictions of planet detections with near infrared radial velocities in the up-coming SPIRou Legacy Survey-Planet Search by Cloutier et al,2018

SPIRou input catalogue: activity, rotation and magnetic field of cool dwarfs by Moutou et al., 2017

Follow-up and characterization of the TESS exoplanets with SOPHIE, SPIRou, and JWST by Crouzet et al., 2017

SPIRou: a spectropolarimeter for the CFHT by Moutou et al., 2015

SPIRou: the near-infrared spectropolarimeter/high-precision velocimeter for the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope by Artigau et al., 2014

Planet Detection, Magnetic Field of Protostars and Brown Dwarfs Meteorology with SPIRou by Artigau et al., 2011