4 Description of the CFHTLS T0007 Wide survey

 4.1 Overview
 4.2 Seeing and image quality
 4.3 Depth and completeness limits
 4.4 Photometric accuracy
  4.4.1 Internal photometric errors of Wide stacks from simulations
  4.4.2 Error estimation from overlapping Wide tiles
  4.4.3 Comparing CFHTLS-T0007 with SDSS-DR8
  4.4.4 External photometric errors
  4.4.5 CFHTLS Wide photometric precision
  4.4.6 Stellar color-color plots
  4.4.7 Color offsets between CFHTLS and SDSS
 4.5 Astrometric accuracy
  4.5.1 Astrometric calibration errors
  4.5.2 Absolute astrometric accuracy of the CFHTLS stacks
 4.6 Outliers, stacks with exceptions or anomalies