3 T0007 processing description

 3.1 A note on CCD numbering and nomenclature
 3.2 Detrending at CFHT
 3.3 Overview of T0007 processing at Terapix
 3.4 Image evaluation and pre-selection
 3.5 Astrometric calibration and initial photometric rescaling
 3.6 Production of the Wide and Deep stacks
 3.7 Photometric calibration
  3.7.1 Overview
  3.7.2 Choice of magnitude measurement method for calibration
  3.7.3 Derivation of the MAG_IQ20 magnitudes
  3.7.4 Quantifying the improvements using MAG_IQ20 compared to MAG_SNLS
  3.7.5 SNLS standard star catalogue
  3.7.6 Calibrating the Deep survey
  3.7.7 Photometric calibration of the Wide survey
  3.7.8 Vega-AB conversion
 3.8 Final catalogue production
 3.9 Post-processing and quality control