Worldwide CFHTLS Data Releases
Following the CFHTLS data policy defined by the CFHT Board of Directors, the CFHT Legacy Survey, which officially started on May 30th 2003, will be open to world access at CADC (follow this link for the raw FITS and the Elixir data products (Processed FITS and ancillary data) according to the following time table:

Jun. 30, 2006: All data from May 30, 2003 to May 29, 2004
Dec. 30, 2006: All data data from May 30, 2004 to May 29, 2005
All data taken after May 30, 2005 will become available 13 months later.

The rules for the Terapix data releases to the world (stacked ressampled FITS and catalogs) will not follow those for the raw and Elixir data: as of 2006, Terapix data products will be made available to the world through data releases similar to the ones made available to the French and Canadian CFHTLS communities, after a one year period. The first worlwide release of stacks and catalogs produced by Terapix happened in February 2007. It consists consist of the T0003 release. The same rule will apply for the subsequent Terapix releases (T0004, etc...).

Feb. 16, 2007: T0003 made public - This data set is available at CADC, follow this link.