"30 Years at the Top" - An Illustrated Essay by David Gillette

In celebration of the CFHT's 30th anniversary

High Definition version available here

After viewing a creative and humorous Illustrated Essay made by David Gillette for the PBS affiliate Twin Cities Public Television following his visit to CFHT in Waimea and to Mauna Kea, CFHT decided to commission David for an illustrated essay describing CFHT's story over the past 30 years. Once established the main ideas CFHT wanted to communicate to the audience, David was given free rein to produce the final version, entitled "30 Years at the Top". You can switch to full screen from the player's interface, and you can also get the High Definition streaming if you have a fast enough internet connection. Enjoy the show!

Playback problems? You can download the clip by right-clicking and selecting "Save Target As..." on the following links: Standard Definition (MPEG4 640x352p), or High Definition (MPEG4 1280x720p) and play it locally on your computer (both files are iTunes friendly). Feel free to share this video!

Discover more illustrated essays on subjects ranging from politics to philosophy on David Gillette's official site (www.illustratedessays.com).

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