Highlights from the 2023 CFHT User Community Survey
The Upcoming 10 Years at CFHT

Interior of CFHT with SITELLE mounted. Credit: Goebel/CFHT


January 26, 2024

As CFHT approaches the end of the current Maunakea lease, we plan to spend the remainder of this decade working in close consultation with the newly formed Maunakea Stewardship and Oversight Authority (MKSOA), our Hawai'i community, and our astronomy community to build a collaborative future that we hope results in the continuation and upgrade of CFHT on Maunakea past 2033.

Based on our decades of experience and preparing for a bright future that includes MSE, CFHT proposed a streamlined instrumental and operational plan for the next 10 years and sought input from the user community on this plan.

We thank the users who have taken the time to answer our survey.

Highlights from the anonymous responses have been released.

Nadine Manset
Director of Science Operations

Mary Beth Laychak
Director of Communications and Community Engagement