People building SPIRou

SPIRou is built by an international consortium composed of institutes in France, Canada, Taiwan, and CFHT, with contributions from Switzerland, Portugal and Brazil. Only the key personnel is listed below. The scientific team gathers about 100 researchers.

In France

Driss Kouach (Project Manager) at IRAP/OMP, Toulouse
Jean-François Donati (Principal Investigator) at IRAP/OMP, Toulouse
Xavier Delfosse (Project Scientist) at IPAG, Grenoble
Sebastien Baratchart (System Engineer) at IRAP/OMP, Toulouse
Nicolas Striebig (interface and AIT manager) at IRAP/OMP, Toulouse
Marielle Lacombe (deputy project manager and quality assurance manager) at IRAP/OMP, Toulouse
Laurent Pares (Cassegrain unit manager) at IRAP/OMP, Toulouse
Bruno Dubois (Cassegrain mechanical design manager) at IRAP/OMP, Toulouse
Michel Dupieux (Cassegrain control command manager) at IRAP/OMP, Toulouse
Yoan Micheau (fiber/slice Manager) at IRAP/OMP, Toulouse
François Henault (spectrograph optics manager) at IPAG, Grenoble
Patrick Rabou (spectrograph optical design manager) at IPAG, Grenoble
Isabelle Boisse (science) at OHP/LAM, Marseille
François Dolon (calibration module manager) at OHP/LAM, Marseille
François Bouchy (data reduction software manager) at OHP/LAM, Marseille
Guillaume Hebrard (science) at IAP, Paris

In Canada

Rene Doyon (co-PI) at UdeM, Montreal
Etienne Artigau (co-Project Scientist) at UdeM, Montreal
David Loop (spectrograph manager) at NRC-H, Victoria
Vlad Resheltov (spectrograph cryo-mechanics manager) at NRC-H, Victoria
Jennifer Dunn (spectrograph control command manager) at NRC-H, Victoria
Olivier Hernandez (science camera and detector manager) at UdeM, Montreal
Simon Thibault (science camera optics design manager) at UL, Laval

In Taiwan

Shiang-Yu Wang (tip-tilt and viewing camera manager, science) at ASIAA, Taipei

In other countries

Francesco Pepe (RV reference module manager, science) at Geneva Observatory, Switzerland
Eder Martioli (Fiber test manager) at LNA, Itajuba, Brazil
Jose Dias do Nacimiento (science) at UFRN, Natal, Brazil
Silvia Alencar (science) at UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Pedro Figuiera (science) at CAUP, Porto, Portugal

At CFHT (Hawaii)

Greg Barrick (overall control command manager, CFHT Project Manager)
Tom Vermeulen (high-level software control manager)
Claire Moutou (Observatory scientist)