CFHT Call for Proposals

The 2023A call for proposals is now closed. The call for 23B proposals should open around Feb 20th 2023. Stay tuned!

As of August 29 2022, Kealahou K1 is the official Phase I tool for CFHT. Prospective users applying for 2022B Director’s Discretionary Time must do so through Kealahou K1 via the Discretionary agency.

The K1 Instructions provide general information about the QSO Mode, links to all instruments, their ETC, details of the overheads, and other important points specific to each instrument. Although the UI for K1 is quite intuitive, the tutorial includes login information for returning and new users, character limits and page limits for various sections, instructions on how to invite collaborators, and other details for each of the sections available. Please note that Kealahou does not yet send email notifications once a proposal has been submitted; please download a copy of the PDF version of your proposal for your own records.

Kealahou currently doesn’t offer Apple Safari browser support. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are supported.