Queued Service Observations 2009B

2009B schedule, programs, and run summaries

List of 2009B programs for: MegaPrime, WIRCam, and ESPaDOnS.

QrunID Instrument HST Dates Number of Nights Status Run Summary
09BQ01 WIRCam 08/01/09 -08/14/09 14 Done Good run. Lost about 3 nights to high humidity. Good IQ. Used Engineering time for Staring Mode implementation.
09BQ02 MegaCam 08/15/09 - 08/23/09 9 Done Good run. Lost about 1 night to high humidity. Good IQ except for a few hours. Minimal time lost to technical problems.
09BQ03 WIRCam 08/24/09 -08/28/09 5 Done Good short run. Lost 1 night to high humidity. Good IQ. No time lost to technical problems.
09BQ04 ESPaDOnS 09/02/09 -09/10/09 9 Done Good run. Good weather. About 5hrs lost to telescope issues. First official trial at single-person operations from the summit (with Warm Body present for safety reasons): promising!
09BQ05 MegaCam 09/11/09 - 09/23/09 13 Done A run similar to 09BQ02, with about 11 hours lost to weather, minimal time lost to technical problems, and almost 6 hours of validated science per night.
09BQ06 ESPaDOnS 09/24/09 - 10/09/09 16 Done Poor run. The run was affected by bad weather (fog, or clouds).
09BQ07 MegaCam 10/10/09 - 10/19/09 10 Done The run went very well, with less time lost to weather and more validated hours per night. The run was shortened due to very few targets left for the first 2/3 of the night.
09BQ08 WIRCam 10/20/09 -11/09/09 21 Done A very long and productive run. The weather started to turn bad toward the end...
09BQ09 MegaCam 11/10/09 - 11/22/09 13 Done This run was seriously affected by weather (over 40hrs lost) and we obtained less than 4.5 validated hours per night.
09BQ10 ESPaDOnS 11/23/09 - 12/09/09 17 Done This run showcased a new triplet lens in a new mount, a new ADC in a new mount, and the replacement of LN2 by a closed-cycle CryoTiger cooling system. The crosstalk is now below 1%!
09BQ11 MegaCam 12/10/09 - 12/20/09 11 Done The run started with excellent weather, which degraded during the second half.
09BQ12 WIRCam 12/21/09 - 12/29/09 9 Done Perfect weather: all nights were photometric, and IQ was on average better than 0.7". Some work was done to fix and improve the Staring Mode. Most A-ranked programs have been at least 75% completed; the exceptions are programs with known scheduling difficulties. The overall completeness of B-ranked programs is 80%, which is excellent.
09BQ13 ESPaDOnS 12/30/09 - 01/06/10 8 Done Another run with perfect weather, photometric nights, and only a few hours affected by windshake. Excellent progress has been made on many programs from most agencies. The cross-talk was still below 1% this run.
09BQ14 MegaCam 01/07/10 - 01/21/10 15 Done With only one cloudy night, a lot of progress was made and the semester ends with A programs completed at 95%, with overall completion at over 80%
09BQ15 ESPaDOnS 01/22/10 - 01/31/10 10 Done Another excellent night, with only a handful of nights with thin cirrus. Almost everything that was observable this time of the year was observed and validated. This semester's statistics are excellent, with over 90% of A+B programs validated.