Queued Service Observations 2011A

2011A schedule, programs, and run summaries

List of 2011A programs for: MegaCam, WIRCam, ESPaDOnS.

QrunID Instrument HST Dates Number of Nights Status Run Summary
11AQ01 MegaCam Feb 1 - 8 8 Done More than half of the run had photometric skies with sub arcsecond Image Quality. Thin or thick clouds, or high humidity hampered our efforts on the remaining nights.
11AQ02 WIRCam Feb 9 - 17 9 Done The run was affected by thin cirrus or thick clouds.
11AQ03 ESPaDOnS Feb 18 - 23 6 Done The run was severely affected by bad weather, with snow, fog and lightning on the last night. About 2 nights were useable, the rest was lost to high extinction, or fog.
11AQ04 MegaCam Feb 24 - Mar 9 14 Done Not a very successful run. Besides 2 photometric nights, the rest of the run was affected by high humidity or clouds.
11AQ05 ESPaDOnS Mar 10 - 15 6 Done Despite a tsunami, for which we pre-emptively closed for one hour in case of outages, the weather was excellent and a lots of data were acquired.
11AQ06 WIRCam Mar 16 - 23 8 Done The run went relatively well, given that most nights were affected by thin or tick clouds.
11AQ07 MegaCam Mar 24 - Apr 10 18 Done The mixed weather pattern from the WIRCam run continued on for a few nights, then the sky cleared up for a good stretch of 5 nights. Snow, ice, and fog plagued the end of the run.
11AQ08 WIRCam Apr 11 - 17 7 Done The weather cleared up just in time for the beginning of the run!
Classical AOB Apr 18 - 24 7 Done Mostly good weather, except for the last night.
11AQ09 MegaCam Apr 25 - May 8 14 Done A poor run weather-wise: most nights were affected by clouds, or high humidity, or snow. The last seven nights were completed lost to snow and ice.
11AQ10 WIRCam May 9 - 22 14 Done The WIRCam run started the same way the MegaCam run ended: with snow, ice, and fog.
11AQ11 MegaCam May 23 - Jun 6 15 Done Not a very productive run because of lingering winter weather. When the skies were clear, the IQ was not very good, which prevented the QSO team from making much progress on a number of programs.
11AQ12 ESPaDOnS Jun 7 - 22 16 Done The beginning of the run suffered from thick clouds, and overall, the majority of the nights were affected at last to some level by clouds. Data were obtained nonetheless every night.
11AQ13 MegaCam Jun 23 - 30 8 Done This short run started with one photometric nights, followed by partly cloudy to overcast nights. The weather cleared up for the very last night of the run.
11AQ14 ESPaDOnS Jul 1 - 14 14 Done Great weather for the first half the run, then 2 nights were lost to fog, while 3 nights were affected by 2" seeing. Overall, this run helped finish semester 2011A with a good agency balance, and 85% of A+B programs have been completed.
11AQ15 WIRCam Jul 15 - 27 13 Done The last WIRCam run of the semester went well. A handful of nights were affected by thin cirrus, thicker clouds, or high humidity, but overall, only the equivalent of a little over a night was lost to weather. There were no technical issues. The good weather has allowed the QSO Team to gather up a lot of observations. The overall completion rate of A and B programs is about 66%, poorer than for previous semesters.
11AQ16 MegaCam Jul 28 - 31 4 Done MegaCam is still on for the first 4 nights of semester 11B. A few hours were lost at the end of July because of high humidity. The rest of the time, the skies were photometric and the IQ was very good.