Queued Service Observations 2012A

2012A schedule, programs, and run summaries

List of 2012A programs for: MegaCam, WIRCam, ESPaDOnS.

QrunID Instrument HST Dates Number of Nights Status Run Summary
12AQ01 ESPaDOnS Jan 30 - Feb 13 15 Done Despite a little over 3 nights lost to high winds or fog, this run was very productive, and almost everything that could be observed was observed.
12AQ02 MegaCam Feb 14 - 28 15 Done After one clear night, the rest of the run was plagued by bad weather. Not even half of the nights were useable.
12AQ03 WIRCam Feb 29 - Mar 13 14 Done The bad weather continued. There was only one fully photometric night, and a few additional hours of clear skies. The rest of the time, there were either thin cirrus, overcast skies, high humidity, or snow.
12AQ04 MegaCam Mar 14 - 29 16 Done The beginning and the end of the run saw mostly clear skies. Overall, about 6 nights were lost to clouds or high humidity.
12AQ05 WIRCam Mar 30 - Apr 11 13 Done The first 3 and last 3 nights of the run were clear and productive. The middle of the run was plagued by thick clouds.
12AQ06 MegaCam Apr 12 - 25 14 Done Except for the first 2 nights, the run was lost to the dome shutter failure.
12AQ07 WIRCam Apr 26 - May 13 18 Done This WIRCam run was lost to the dome shutter failure.
12AQ08 MegaCam May 14 - 28 15 Done At the very least, the beginning of the run will be lost to the dome shutter failure. There is a slight chance that we will be back in operations towards the end of May.
Classical AOB May 29 - Jun 7 10 Cancelled The run was cancelled May 23.
12AQ09 MegaCam Jun 8 - 19 17 Done Very unlikely to happen: the camera needs to be cooled down, and when we will have completed the repairs and get ready to go on the sky, there might not be enough MegaCam nights left (not too close to the Full Moon) to justify starting with MegaCam.
12AQ10 ESPaDOnS Jun 20 - Jul 8 19 Done The dome shutter repairs were completed and the observatory was put back into operations on June 20. The run went very smoothly, with only 3 hrs lost to high humidity, and a little over 2 hrs lost to a few technical issues. A and B programs are completed at 97%...
12AQ11 MegaCam Jul 9 - 25 17 Done The last MegaCam run of semester 2012A went reasonably well, despite 18 hours lost to weather (clouds or fog) and a handful more because of technical issues with MegaCam. Over 80 hours of data were validated, which corresponds to about 5.7 hours of data per (clear) night. The effects of the dome shutter failure are seen in the statistics: only slightly more than 60% of A programs are completed (this number excludes the Large Programs), and a little over 55% of B programs have been completed. If time permits, 12A programs will be continued during semester 12B.
12AQ12 WIRCam Jul 26 - 31 6 Done After almost 4 nights of photometric skies, very good IQ, and very good data, high humidity stopped observations for a little ove r 2 nights.