Queued Service Observations 2013B

2013B schedule, programs, and run summaries

List of 2013B programs for: MegaCam, WIRCam, ESPaDOnS.

QrunID Instrument HST Dates Number of Nights Status Run Summary
13BQ01 MegaCam Aug 01 - 11 11 Done The first MegaCam run of the semester ended with about 30h lost to bad weather conditions (high humidity, clouds), the equivalent of about 6 nights' worth of data. Only a handful of nights were photometric, much less than the typical summer run.
13BQ02 ESPaDOnS Aug 12 - 28 17 Done This first Espadons run was very productive thanks to good weather.
13BQ03 MegaCam Aug 29 - Sep 10 13 Done This was an excellent run, with only 1.5 nights lost to high humidity, and a few hours of thin cirrus.
13BQ04 ESPaDOnS Sep 11 - 26 16 Done We had a great Espadons run, with a lot of progress made on a lot of programs.
13BQ05 MegaCam Sep 27 - Oct 08 12 Done This MegaCam run was affected by overcast or partly cloudy skies most of the time. A little over 35h were lost to bad weather. The equivalent of about one night was lost to a technical issue with the filter jukebox. Some of the photometric nights were also affected by image quality over one arcsec.
13BQ06 WIRCam Oct 09 - 27 19 Done Over 90h of sky time were lost to bad weather (thick clouds, high humidity, precipitation), especially at the beginning of the run. The equivalent of about only 4 nights had photometric skies.
13BQ07 MegaCam Oct 28 - Nov 07 11 Done The bad weather continued, with most nights affected by high humidity, thin cirrus, or overcast skies. The equivalent of about 3-4 nights saw photometric skies.
13BQ08 ESPaDOnS Nov 08 - 25 18 Done The first 4 nights were lost to high humidity. A total of 85h were lost to bad weather, which made progress and completion of programs difficult.
13BQ09 MegaCam Nov 26 - Dec 05 10 Done The equivalent of 4 nights had photometric skies; the rest of the time, the sky was affected by thin or thick clouds. Almost 30h were lost to bad weather (the equivalent of about 5 nights), and technical issues also cost about a dozen hours of sky time.
13BQ10 WIRCam Dec 06 - 26 21 Done The weather for this last WIRCam run of the semester has not been good. Only 6 of 21 night were completely clear (110h were lost to clouds, high humidity, and snow), and the equivalent of 3-4 additional nights were useable, a few hours at a time, on some of the remaining nights. Fifteen hours were also lost to power issues at the summit. Progress was made mostly for top-ranked programs.
13BQ11 MegaCam Dec 27 - Jan 06 11 Done Most of the run was affected by clouds, high humidity, precipitation, or icing conditions. Observations were generally performed under an Image Quality better than 1 arcsec, but there were also periods of higher IQ.
13BQ12 ESPaDOnS Jan 07 - 22 16 Done Most of the nights were photometric, with some periods of outstanding seeing under 0.6", and Image quality well above 1.2" at other times. A little over 50h were lost to high humidity, precipitation, or hurricane-strength winds. Good progress was made for 13B programs. Most of the A and B programs have been completed at 80% or more.
13BQ13 MegaCam Jan 23 - 31 9 Done