Queued Service Observations 2014A

2014A schedule, programs, and run summaries

List of 2014A programs for: MegaCam, WIRCam, ESPaDOnS.

QrunID Instrument HST Dates Number of Nights Status Run Summary
14AQ01 MegaCam Feb 01 - 03 3 Done
14AQ02 ESPaDOnS Feb 04 - 20 17 Done Despite rather cloudy conditions and observations cancelled due to snow and ice accumulation, relatively good progress was done on many programs.
14AQ03 MegaCam Feb 21 - Mar 06 14 Done The run was a mixed bag of photometric nights or nights lost to clouds, high humidity, snow or high winds. About half of the nights were used to obtain data.
14AQ04 WIRCam Mar 07 - 23 17 Done More than half of the run was lost to overcast skies, high humidity, or high winds. When the skies were photometric, the Image Quality was under one arcsec, except on one night of very poor seeing.
14AQ05 MegaCam Mar 24 - Apr 07 15 Done Another run challenged by weather. There were only 4 photometric nights, plus a few hours here and there. High humidity, fog, rain, ice, clouds, and snow prevented observing on the other nights.
14AQ06 ESPaDOnS Apr 08 - 23 16 Done About half of the time had clear skies, and only a dozen hours or so had clouds too thick to observe. About 50% of A and B programs have been completed so far.
14AQ07 MegaCam Apr 24 - May 06 13 Done A little less than half of the available time had clear and photometric skies. Periods of thin cirrus were used for programs that can still be carried under some extinction. About 42% of the allocation for A-ranked and B-ranked PI programs have been validated so far.
14AQ08 WIRCam May 07 - 19 13 Done The best run since the fall of 2012! The equivalent of about 1 hour was lost to clouds. The sky was photometric the rest of the time, with sub-arcsec Image Quality. Almost twice as much data were validated this run compared to the March run. Over 60% of A-ranked programs and 35% of B-ranked programs have been validated so far.
14AQ09 MegaCam May 20 - Jun 02 14 Done An excellent run, with only 8.5h lost to bad weather. A little over a night was lost to technical issues, mostly because of the filter jukebox. The Image Quality was usually below 1", with a few hours with 0.45" recorded in the r' or i' filter.
14AQ10 ESPaDOnS Jun 03 - 19 17 Done An excellent run, with no time lost to bad weather or technical issues. This was the last ESPaDOnS run of semester 14A; 70% of A-ranked programs have been completed (programs that were not conpleted had specific time constraints that could not be met); almost all B-ranked hours have been obtained. C-ranked and snapshot programs were also used throughout the semester.
14AQ11 MegaCam Jun 20 - Jul 02 13 Done An excellent run with only the equivalent of one night with thin cirrus or partly cloudy conditions. The Image Quality was once again usually well below 1", with a few hours of 0.45-0.5" seeing in the red filters.
14AQ12 WIRCam Jul 03 - 16 14 Done All the nights of this run were affected by either thin cirrus, high humidity, partly cloudy skies, or overcast skies. Only a few hours saw photometric skies.
14AQ13 MegaCam Jul 17 - 28 12 Done A little less than half the run had photometric skies. The observatory was closed for clouds or fog on most of the other nights. At the end of the semester, 85% of A-ranked programs have been validated, and 45% of B-ranked programs have been validated.
14AQ14 WIRCam Jul 29 - 31 3 Done