2014B schedule, programs, and run summaries

List of 2014B programs for: MegaCam, WIRCam, ESPaDOnS.

QrunID Instrument HST Dates Number of Nights Status Run Summary
14BQ01 WIRCam Aug 1-3 3 Done
Shutdown No instrument available Aug 4-13 10 Done This period of time is used for re-aluminizing the primary mirror. Despite the headquarters and summit facility being shutdown because of Iselle, the shutdown was completed on time.
14BQ02 ESPaDOnS Aug 13-18 5 Done The 6 nights were photometric. The Image Quality was variable and at times quite high during the first 2 nights. This was likely due to the shutdown activities, during which the inside of the dome had warmed up.
14BQ03 MegaCam Aug 19 - Sep 1 14 Done One night was lost to high humidity, and about 3 hours were lost to various MegaCam hardware issues. Otherwise, the remaining time had photometric skies, with the Image Quality as good as 0.43" in the u filter at times.
14BQ04 ESPaDOnS Sep 2-16 15 Done
14BQ05 MegaCam Sep 17-25 9 Done The run was cut short by a technical issue with the jukebox, which happened right as the weather was starting to deteriorate.
14BQ06 WIRCam Sep 26-Oct 19 25 Done The WIRCam run has been prolonged to allow more time to fix the MegaCam jukebox. The first snow of the season fell Oct 14. The WIRCam run was plagued by bad weather, with almost 140 hours lost to clouds, high humidity, or precipitations. The equivalent of about 6 nights had photometric skies.
14BQ07 MegaCam Oct 20-29 10 Done This MegaCam run was productive, thanks to relatively good weather, with only the equivalent of about one night lost to fog. The first night of the run was lost to a technical issue with MegaCam, but the instrument was ready for operations on the second night.
14BQ08 ESPaDOnS Oct 30 - Nov 11 13 Done This was an average ESPaDOnS run, with almost 50 hours lost to weather (clouds, high humidity, or high winds), but minimal time lost to technical issues. Despite the weather, the QSO team has continued to make progress on many programs. The A and B-ranked programs have been completed at 55%. There is one more run left for semester 14B.
14BQ09 MegaCam Nov 12-25 14 Done
14BQ10 WIRCam Nov 26 - Dec 11 16 Done
14BQ11 MegaCam Dec 12-17 6 Done The 17-night run was cut short after an instrumental problem was discovered.
14BQ12 ESPaDOnS Dec 18 - Jan 14 28 Done An emergency exchange to ESPaDOnS was performed at the beginning of the night on Dec 18. Because of the severe winter weather (only 5.5 nights of data were obtained in 19 nights) the run was extended until Jan 14. The weather cleared toward the end of the run, and good progress was made for most 14B programs. A programs have been completed at about 93%; B programs have been completed at 83%.
14BQ13 MegaCam Jan 15 - 19 5 Done A shutter failure happened on Jan 18/19 and the run was cut short.
14BQ14 WIRCam Jan 20 - 22 3 Done
14BQ15 MegaCam Jan 23 - 27 5 Done The MegaCam jukebox experienced another failure, but the QSO team was able to perform observations by restricting the use of filters to one filter per night.
14BQ16 WIRCam Jan 28 - 4+ Done The WIRCam run continues into February, until Feb 10. The run will consist of a mix of 14B and 15A programs.