Theses and Dissertations Using CFHT Data


Chandler, Colin Orion, 2022, Chasing tails: Active asteroid, Centaur and Quasi-Hilda discovery with Astroinformatics and Citizen Science, Northern Arizone University, Partial PhD.

Gaisne, Guillaume, 2022, Recherche d'exoplanetes dans le proche voisinage solaire , Universite Grenoble Alpes, PhD.

Markov, Vladan, 2022, Mass Assembly of Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift, Universite PSL @ l'Observatoire de Paris, PhD.

Trudeau, Ariane, 2022 Galaxy Populations in Distant, X-ray Selected Clusters of Galaxies , University of Victoria, PhD.

Tuquet, Selin, 2022, Etude des bulles d'etoiles Wolf Rayet dan la galaxie M33 avec SITELLE, Universite de Montreal, MSc. (Access to the pfd may still be limited at this time)

Cang, Tianqi, 2021, Detecting Activity of Late-type Stars with Spectropolarimetry and Photometry, Universite de Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier, PhD.

Dongdong, Shi, 2021, Observational Study of High-Redshift Protoclusters , University of Toronto, PhD. (In Chinese and access to this pdf may still be limited at this time)

Fantin, Nicholas J., 2021, Studying a Fire from its Ashes: White Dwarfs as Probes of Milky Way Evolution , University of Victoria, PhD.

Higgs, Clare, 2021, Dwarfs Among Giants: Exploring Environmental impacts on Dwarf Galaxies with the Solo Survey , University of Victoria, PhD.

Kielty, Collin Louis, 2021, Chemo-Dynamics of Newly Discovered Metal-Poor Stars and Improved Spectroscopic Tools , University of Victoria, PhD.

Klein, Baptiste, 2021, Characterize Planetary Systems of Nearby Active Red Dwarfs with SPIRou, Universite de Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier, PhD.

Longeard, Nicolas, 2021, An In-depth Study of the Faintest Galaxies with Dedicated Spectroscopy Based on the Pristine Survey, Universite de Strasbourg, PhD.

Marquette, Melissa, 2021, Laying Foundation for High Dispersion Eclipse Mapping of Hot Jupiters , Universtiy of Toronto, PhD.

Pouilly, Kim, 2021, Towards the Detection of Short Period Planets Embedded in the Circumstellar Disk of Young Stars , Universite Grenoble Alpes, PhD.

Vieira, Nicholas, 2021, A Deep CFHT Optical Search for Counterpart to Possible Neutron Star Black Hole Merger GW190814 , University of Toronto, PhD.

Bialek, Spencer, 2020, Deep Learning Analyses of Synthetic Spectral Libraries with an Application to the Gaia-ESO Database , University of Victoria, MSc.

Dalal, Shweta, 2020, Detection and characterization of Exoplanets using Doppler Spectroscopy, Universite Cote d'Azur, PhD.

De Almeida, Elisson Saldanha Da Gama, 2020, Disks and Winds Around Hot Stars: NewInsights from Multi-wavelength Spectroscopy and Interferometry, Universite Cote d'Azur, PhD.

Goncalves, Ruben Henrique Machado, 2020, Planetary Atmospheres: from Solar System to Exoplanets: Atmospheric Characterization and Search for Chemical Disequilibrium Compounds , University of Toronto, PhD.

Jensen, Jaclyn, 2020, Fossils of the Distant Galaxy: NGC 5466 and its Stellar Stream , University of Victoria, MSc.

Kitamura, Jessica Reis, 2020, Resolved Stellar Populations: Watching Galaxy Evolution in Real Time , University of Toronto, PhD.

Neal, Jason James, 2020, Towards the NIR Detection of Exoplanets , University of Toronto, PhD.

Paillassa, Maxime, 2020, Detection robuste de sources astronomiques par reseaux de neurones a convolutions,l'Universite de Bordeaux, PhD.

Rhea, Carter, 2020, Nouvelles observation et techniques d'apprentissage automatique appliques aux galaxies, Universite de Montreal, MSc.

Vincent, Olivier, 2020, Releve en photometrie rapide d'etoiles naines blanches de type ZZ Ceti dans l'echantillon Gaia, Universite de Montreal, MSc.

Baron, Frederique, 2019, Recherche de compagnons de type Jupiter a tres grandes separations autour detoiles jeunes dans le voisinage solaire, University of Montreal, PhD.

Cloutier, Ryan Edward, 2019, Semi-parametric Methods to Aid in the Detection and Characterization of Distant Worlds around Small Stars, University of Toronto, PhD.

Desrochers, Marie-Eve, 2019, Detection de naines brunes et planetes giantes gazeuses a grande separation utilisant des images darchive, University of Montreal, PhD.

Galli, Giacomo, 2019, Etude des decharges partielles dans une chambre efission haute temperature , l'Universite Paris-Saclay, PhD.

Gendron-Marsolais, Marie-Lou, 2019, Observations multi-longueur donde damas et de groupes de galaxies proches , University of Montreal, PhD.

Mancillas Vasquera, Brisa, 2019, Extending the Realm of Galaxies to the Low Surface Brightness Universe , L'Universite Paris Science et Lettres, Observatorie de Paris, PhD.

Richard-Leferriere, Annabelle, 2019, L'impact des trous noirs les plus massifs de l'Univers sur le coeur des amas de galaxies , University of Montreal, PhD.

Ciulli, Alexandre, 2018, Cosmologie et supernovas Ia : influence des vitesses propres et recherche danisotropies avec LSST , Universite Clermont Auvergne, PhD.

Clarenc, Benjamin, 2018, Candidats (proto-)amas de galaxies a grand redshift vus par le CFHT , Universite Paris-Saclay, PhD.

Esteves, Lisa Jean Noemia Ing, 2018, Observations of Exoplanet Atmospheres , University of Toronto, PhD.

Naud, Marie-Eve, 2018, Recherche et caracterisation d'exoplanetes a grande separation autour d'etoiles jeunes de faible masse , University of Montreal, PhD.

Ramiaramanantsoa, Tahina, 2018, Sur les origines photospheriques des structures dans les vents des etoiles chaudes et lumineuses , University of Montreal, PhD.

Spengler, Chelsea, 2018, Nuclear Star Clusters in the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies , University of Victoria, PhD.

Trudeau, Ariane, 2018, Deep radio observations of a high-redshift galaxy cluster , University of Montreal, MSc.

Bolliet, Boris, 2017, Beyond Einstein's Theory of Gravitation: Some Aspectsof Loop Quantum Cosmology, Black Holes and the Dark Universe , L'University Grenoble Alpes, Ph.D.

Parroni, Carolina, 2017, Cluster Mass Scaling Relations Thought Weak Lensing Measurements , University de Paris-Diderot et l'Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, Ph.D.

Pertenais, Martin, 2017, Spectromie stellaire UV et visible depuis l'espace , Universite de Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier, Ph.D.

Powalka, Mathieu, 2017, Etude Multi-Longuers D'Onde D'Amas Globulaires Pour Carateriser le Liens Entre Leur Environment et Leurs Propietes , Universite de Strasbourg, Ph.D.

Rizzo, Luca Alberto, 2017, FormationofLarge-Scale Sturcture in Various Cosmological Scenarios , L'University de Paris-Saclay, Ph.D.

Amard, Louis, 2016, Evolution de la Rotationdes Etioles Jeunes de Faible Mass , Universite de Geneve, Ph.D.

Boucher, Anne, 2016, Detection et caracterisation de nouveaux disques circumstellaires autour d'etoiles de faibles masses et naines brunes jeunes , Universite de Montreal, MSc.

Canameras, Raoul, 2016, Zooming In on Star Formation in the Brightest Galaxies of the Early Universe Discovered with the Planck and Herschel Satellites , Universite Paris-Saclay, PhD.

Giammichele, Noemi, 2016, Exploitation du potentiel sismique des etoiles naines blanches , University of Montreal, PhD.

Higgs, Clare, 2016, Solo Dwarf Galaxy Survey: The Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy , University of Victoria, PhD.

Martinache, Clement M., 2016, Le Printemp Cosmique de Grandes Structure: Spitzer et la Recherche de Structures a z ~ 2 a Hauts Taux de Formations Stellaire Dan le Sillage de Planck et Herschel , Universite Paris-Saclay, PhD.

Pike, Rosemary Ellen, 2016, On the Population of the 5:1 Neptune Resonance , University of Victoria, PhD.

Reville, Victor, 2016, Vents et Magnetisme des Etoiles de Type Solaire: Influence sur la Rotation Stellaire, la Couronne et les Exo Planets , Universite Sorbonne, Ph.D.

Ribero, Bruno, 2016, Morphology as a Tracer of Evolution in the Early Phases of Galaxy Assembly , Aix-Marseilles Universite, Ph.D.

Shankman, Cory, 2016, On the Characteristics and Evolution of Dynamically Excited Trans-Neptunian Objects , University of Victoria, PhD.

Sridhar, Srivatsan, 2016, Statistical Analysis of the Galaxy Cluster Distribution from Next Generation Cluster Surverys , Universite Cote d'Azur, 20, PhD.

Chatron,Jereme, 2015, Explorer ;Univers Primordial Avec let Quasars Cas de la Mission Euclid , Aix-Marseilles Universite, Ph.D.

Guery, David, 2015, Etude Statistique des Structure a Grand Redshift Observees par les Satellites Planck et Herschel , Universite Paris-Sud, PhD.

Lanusse, Francois, 2015, Sparce Reconstruction of the Dark Matter Mass Map from Weak Gravitational Lensing , Universite Paris-Saclay, PhD.

Lee-Waddell, Karen L. G., 2015, A Multi-wavelength Investigation of the Gas-rich Dwarf Galaxy Populations of Three Interacting Groups: NGC 3166/9, NGC 871/6/7, and NGC 4725/47 , Queens University, PhD.

Lefevre, Charlene, 2015, Coreshine, un Phenomene et un Outil , Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, PhD.

Malo Lison, 2015, Recherche et caract?risation des etoiles jeunes de faible masse dans le voisinage solaire , Universite de Montreal, PhD.

Martinet, Nicolas, 2015, Galaxy clusters : a probe to galaxy evolution and cosmology , Universite Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI, 20, PhD.

Rude, C. M., 2015, Tracking star formation in dwarf cluster galaxies , The University of North Dakota, PhD.

Scottez, Vivien, 2015, Clustering Redshift: Une Nouvelle Fenetre sur l'Univers , Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, PhD.

Venuti, Laura, 2015, Accretion regimes and variability in young stars: imprints on UV photometry , Universite Grenoble Alpes et l'Universite degli Studi di Palermo, PhD.

El Hage, Patrick, 2014, Measurement of the Dark Energy Equation of State Using the Full SNLS Supernova Sample, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie -Paris VI, PhD.

Baptista, Brian, 2013, Photodiode radiation hardness, lyman-alpha emitting galaxies and photon detection in liquid argon neutrino detectors, Indiana University, PhD.

Benjamin, Jonathan Remby Embro, 2013, A new approach to photometric redshift contamination, providing critical insight for weak lensing cosmology , University of British Columbia, PhD.

Bildfell, Christopher J., 2013, The Stellar Content in Clusters of Galaxies , University of Victoria, PhD.

Chueh-Yi Chou, Richard, 2013, Observational Studies of Interacting Galaxies and the Development of the Wide Integral Field Infrared Spectrograph , University of Toronto, PhD.

Conn, Anthony Rhys, 2013, Structure of the M31 Satellite System: Bayesian Distances from the Tip of the Red Giant Branch , Universite de Strasbourg, Ph.D.

de la Chevrotiere, Antoine, 2013, Recherche de champs magn??tiques chez les etoiles Wolf-Rayet par l'analyse d'observations spectropolarim??trique , Universite de Montreal, PhD.

Gandhali, Joshi, 2013, Substructure and Gas Clumping in the Outskirts of Abell 133 , University of Waterloo. MSc.

Ingraham, Patrick, 2013, Detection et caractarisation de naines brunes et exoplanetes avec un filtre accordable pour applications dans l'espace , Universite de Montreal, PhD.

Kezwer, Jason, 2013, The Life Cycle of Stars: Supernovae in Starbursts, UVic, MSc.

Machado, Pedro, Miguel Borges do Canto, 2013, Characterization of the Dynamics of the Atmosphere of Venus with Doppler velocimetry , Observatoire de Paris & Universit?? de Lisbonne, PhD.

Radigan, Jacqueline Marie, 2013, Weather on Substellar Worlds: A Study of Clouds, Variability and Binarity at the L/T Transition , University of Toronto, PhD.

Regnault, Nicolas, 2013, Calibration of Wide Field Imagers - On Light Emitting Diodes, Stars and Supernovae , Universit?? Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI, PhD.

Rocci, P.-F., 2013, Calibration of Wide Field Imagers - The SkyDICE , Universit?? Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI, PhD.

Urquhart, Sheona Anne, 2013, Galaxy evolution in a large sample of X-ray clusters , University of Victoria, PhD.

Cockcroft, Robert, 2012, Astro-archaeology in the triangulum galaxy: Studying galaxy formation and evolution with the globular clusters and stellar halo in M33, McMaster University.

Damjanov, Ivana, 2012, Structural Evolution of Quiescent Galaxies from the Peak of the Cosmic Star Formation Epoch , University of Toronto.

Dong, Xiaoyi, 2012, Detecting AGNs using multi-filter imaging data , York University.

Glass, Lisa Ann, 2012, The Central Regions of Early-Type Galaxies in Nearby Clusters , University of Victoria, PhD.

Grunhut, Jason Harley, 2012, A Detailed Observational Analysis of Magentism in Three B and O Stars Observed within the Context of the MiMeS Project , Queen's University, PhD.

Guyonnet, Augustin, 2012, Le projet SNDICE : r??alisation dun dispositif opto??lectronique pour l??talonnage photom??trique delimageur grand champ MegaCam au CF , L'Universit?? Denis Diderot, PhD.

Harris, Kathryn, A., 2012, The Cluster and Large Scale Environments of Quasars at z<0.9, University of Central, Lancashire.

Herrera Contreras, Cinthya Natalia, 2012, How Do the Large-Scale Dynamics of Galaxy Interactions Trigger Star Formation in the Antennae Galaxy, L'Universit?? DeParis- Sud XI, PhD.

Kristensen, Lars E., 2012, Observational analysis of the physical conditions in galactic and extragalactic active star forming regions, Observatoire de Paris, PhD.

San Roman, Izaskun, 2012, The formation and evolution of M33 as revealed by its star clusters, University of Florida, PhD.

Villa, Francesca, 2012, Calibration photom??trique de l'imageur MegaCam. Analyse des donn??es SnDICE , Universit?? Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI.

Zajczyk, Anna, 2012, Studies of the Influence of Magentospheric Pulsar Winds on the Pulsar Winds on the Pulsar Surrouindings , Universite Montpellier 2, Ph.D.

Arcila Osejo, Liz Maria, 2011, Star-Forming and Passive Galaxies at z N2 in the CFHT Legacy Survey , Saint Mary's University.

Bayliss, Matthew B, 2011, Broadband photometry of 105 giant arcs: Redshift distribution constraints and implications for giant arc statistics, University of Chicago Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Croll, Bryce, 2011, Near-infrared Characterization of the Atmospheres of Alien Worlds , University of Toronto, PhD.

Dayal, Pratika, 2011, Cosmic Lighthouses : Unveiling the nature of high-redshift galaxies, International School for Advanced Studies.

Gonz??lez Gait??n, Santiago, 2011, Supernova rates, rise-times, and their relations to progenitors , University of Toronto, PhD.

Gorecki, Alexia, 2011, Cosmologie observationnelle avec le Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, Universite de Grenoble, PhD.

Messias, Hugo, 2011, A multiwavelength study of near- and mid-infrared selected galaxies at high redshift: ERGs, AGN-identification and the contribution from dust, Lisbon University.

Parker, Alex Harrison, 2011, Ultra-Wide Trans-Neptunian Binaries: Tracers of the Outer Solar System's History , University of Victoria, PhD.

Arsenault, Cameron Alexander, 2010 Multi-Wavelength Kinematics and Mass Modelling of the Spiral Galaxy NGC 6503 , The Royal Military College of Canada, M.S.

Baumont, Sylvain, 2010, Analyse des spectres VLT pour l'exp??rience SNLS Qualification de transients cosmologiques , Universit?? Paris-Diderot - Paris VII.

Bignamini, Andrea 2010 The Swift-XRT Survey of Groups and Clusters of Galaxies, Universite degli studi di Trieste, PhD.

Burgress, Andrew S. M., 2010, Exploration de la fonction de faible masse initiale dans les amas jeunes et les r??gions de formation stellaire , Universit?? de Grenoble, PhD.

Graham, Melissa Lynn, 2010, Nature or Nurture: How Parent Galaxy Environments Affect the Rates and Properties of Their Type Ia Supernovae , University of Victoria, PhD.

Guillard, Pierre, 2010, H2 MAGIE: H2 as a Major Agent to Galaxy Interaction and Evolution, Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale, Universit?? Paris-Sud 11, PhD.

Huang, Zhiqi, 2010, Probing early and late inflations beyond tilted ?CDM , University of Toronto, PhD.

Pfrommer, Thomas, 2010, Mesospheric dynamics and ground-layer optical turbulence studies for the performance of ground-based telescopes , University of British Columbia, PhD.

Thanjavur, Karunananth G., 2010, Cosmic applications of Gravitational Lens Assisted Spectroscopy (GLAS), , University of Victoria, PhD.

List of Past Theses and Dissertations from before 2010.

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