CFHT Interference Filter Database

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Last updated: 24 July 2015

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Note!! All filters were scanned at a beam speed of approximately f/8 and at about 20 degrees Celsius. A shift of about 0.12 - 0.44 Angstroms per degree Celcius is expected in the central wavelength of the filter (0.004% per degree Celsius). A redward shift of the central wavelength of about 0.036% may be expected if the filter is in a collimated beam.

The Redeye and FTS filters are now in the regular filter database. The transmission curves for these have been done warm. For more information about the addition of the infrared filters into the database, see the notes page.

Optical Filters

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Infrared Filters

These lists are from the instrument manuals. The scans shown are cold scans, but the lists are not complete. The lists above are more complete, but the scans are warm.

FTS Filters

Redeye Filters

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