news_iconImaging instruments

The following imaging instruments are available at CFHT:

  • WIRCam - The new Wide-Field IR camera, with four 2048 x 2048 pixel HAWAII2-RG detectors, a 20 arcminute x 20 arcminute field-of-view and a sampling of 0.3 arcsecond per pixel
  • MegaPrime / MegaCam - The CFHT 36 CCD mosaic 1 square degree CCD imager
  • KIR - The AOB/PUEO 1k x 1k infrared detector

The following instruments are no longer offered at CFHT:

  • FOCAM - The Cassegrain or AOB/PUEO imaging camera (single CCDs only).
  • CFH12K - The CFHT 12k x 8k pixel, CCD mosaic camera.
  • CFHT-IR - The f/8 1k x 1k infrared detector
  • MOS - The Multi-Object Spectrograph, can also be used for imaging
  • OSIS - The Optionally Stabilized Imager and Spectrometer at Cassegrain f/8

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