3.8 Final catalogue production

In the Wide and Deep surveys, a .ldacSExtractor source catalogue is produced immediately after the final rescaling of the stacks (using L99 images for the Wide and the SNLS standard star catalogue for the Deep). The T0007 Wide and Deep .ldac source catalogues have been produced using a 128 pixels mesh size to derive the local sky background (BACK_SIZE parameter in SExtractor). These catalogues are the inputs of the QFITS-out processing. The SExtractor configuration file for the production of the T0007 .ldac catalogues are presented in Appendix B.2.4 and Appendix A.3.4 for Wide and Deep respectively.

After the production of the chi2 image, SExtractor is run in dual-image mode on the u*g,r,i,y and z stacks using the chi2 image as reference. The Wide and Deep chi2 .cat catalogues are produced with a using a background mesh size in SExtractor of 256 pixels. All catalogues contain parameter values for all quantities listed in Tables 27, 28 and 29. For each source, aperture magnitudes are computed within 27 (26+SNLS) apertures, following same procedure as for the previous T0006 release. The SExtractor configuration file used for the production of the T0007 .cat dual-image mode catalogues is listed in the Appendix B.2.5 and Appendix A.3.5 for Deep and Wide surveys respectively. Based on its measured MAG_SNLS, each source is corrected for aperture, leading to the MAG_IQ20 magnitude.

Additionally, for each survey pointing, the following data products are produced: