Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
10th Users' Meeting

Campbell River, Vancouver Island, Canada
6 - 8 May 2013

CFHT’s triennial Users’ Meetings have always been a gathering place for the diverse CFHT community to unite and discuss recent accomplishments and future challenges. Grounding CFHT’s plans in the technologies and opportunities of the future is an essential part of the growth and evolution of the Observatory. Accordingly, the 2013 Users’ Meeting will focus on a range of possibilities for CFHT’s future including the innovative use of existing instruments, exciting scientific applications for new instruments, and perhaps the transformation of CFHT into an entirely new and powerful facility through the ngCFHT initiative. In addition we will explore the prospects for ever greater collaborative development between CFHT and neighboring facilities on Mauna Kea. Striking the right balance of capabilities while leveraging off each other’s strengths to form a greater “whole” among the Mauna Kea Observatories is an important aspect of CFHT’s strategic plans and with its various inter-observatory initiatives, CFHT can be a real pathfinder. With these goals in mind, the scientific and local organizing committees for the 2013 CFHT Users’ Meeting invite our international community to Campbell River to share their scientific discoveries and vision for CFHT as we collectively bring this remarkable facility forward, into a bright future.

Users' Meeting Group Photo