North Hawaii News is a local newspapers that serves all of North Hawaii. When the newspaper started, around 2000, some of CFHT's astronomers wrote articles about science and astronomy. Begining in September 2015, CFHT staff and the North Hawaii News teamed up to bring readers "Across the Universe", a monthly astronomy column.

o August 2020 Asteroid 2018 VP1
o July 2016 V830 Tau
o June 2016 New Horizons
o May 2016 New Class of Comets Discovered
o April 2016 Moon Misconceptions
o March 2016 Exploding Stars
o February 2016 The Longest Days of the Year
o January 2016 Kama'aina Observatory Experience
o December 2015 Extreme Solar System III
o November 2015 Geminids
o October 2015 Martian Water
o September 2015 Hot Jupiters Court Baby Stars
o Jan 27, 2000 The Night Sky in February
o Feb 3, 2000 8 or 9?
o Feb 10, 2000 Six Stars, Seven Sisters
o Feb 24, 2000 On Stage this March -- the Planetary Ballet
o Mar 2, 2000 A Rainbow of Telescopes
o Mar 16, 2000 Astronomers use CFHT to reveal Dark Matter
o Mar 30, 2000 Last Chance to see Iridium Flashes
o Apr 6, 2000 What's new since Valentine's Day?
o Apr 13, 2000 A fish jumping in shadows
o Apr 27, 2000 The Depth of Space
o May 11, 2000 Is bigger really better?
o May 18, 2000 FDR? JFK?, No... GRB!
o May 25, 2000 Surfin' in Hawaii
o Jun 1, 2000 How old is that star? How do we know?
o Jul 6, 2000 Astronomical Distances - Tentative First Steps
o (coming soon) Astronomical Distances II - A Astronomical Revolution
oDec 7, 2000Milestone achieved for the International Space Station
oDec 21, 2000Volcanos Everywhere!
oJan 4, 2001Life in the Universe I: Earth
oJan 11, 2001Life in the Universe II: our Solar System
oJan 18, 2001Life in the Universe III: ETs around Extra-Solar Planets?