Queued Service Observations 2010A

2010A schedule, programs, and run summaries

List of 2010A programs for: MegaCam, WIRCam, ESPaDOnS.

QrunID Instrument HST Dates Number of Nights Status Run Summary
10AQ01 MegaCam Feb 5 - Feb 21 17 Done Sky was usually photometric, but bad IQ affected a few nights. On average, we got over 8.3hrs of validated data per night. This is 0.2hr more hour per night than the best past runs in 05B and 07B!
10AQ02 ESPaDOnS Feb 22 - Mar 7 14 Done An excellent run weather-wise: less than 1 night lost to fog, and some thin cirrus did not really bother data acquisition.
10AQ03 MegaCam Mar 8 - Mar 22 15 Done
10AQ04 WIRCam Mar 23 - Apr 4 13 Done
10AQ05 MegaCam Apr 5 - Apr 19 15 Done This run had fewer hours lost to weather and technical problems, and therefore a few more hours of validated data.
10AQ06 WIRCam Apr 20 - May 6 17 Done
10AQ07 MegaCam May 7 - May 18 12 Done A successful run despite some periods of high IQ. Not all the top priority programs showed the progress we had planned for.
10AQ08 WIRCam May 19 - May 26 8 Done
10AQ09 ESPaDOnS May 27 - Jun 3 8 Done A little more than 1 night was lost to high humidity. Otherwise, good progress was made on various programs.
10AQ10 MegaCam Jun 4 - Jun 15 12 Done
10AQ11 WIRCam Jun 16 - Jun 17 2 Done WIRCam experienced technical difficulties. The run was cut short and ESPaDOnS was put on the telescope early.
10AQ12 ESPaDOnS Jun 18 - Jun 24 7 Done An excellent run weather-wise (only a few hours of cirrus, sub acrsec seeing), and excellent data.
10AQ13 WIRCam Jun 25 - Jul 5 11 Done After WIRCam was fixed, the last run of the semester went very well. There were only a few hours of cirus or partly cloudy skies, and the IQ was often excellent.
10AQ14 MegaCam Jul 6 - Jul 15 10 Done A very smooth run with only a couple of minor hiccups, excellent weather, and lots of excellent data.
10AQ15 ESPaDOnS Jul 16 - Jul 31 16 Done An excellent run. The weather was so good that the QSO team started 10B observations.