2019A schedule, programs, and run summaries

List of 2019A programs for: MegaCam, WIRCam, ESPaDOnS, SITELLE, and SPIRou.

QrunID Instrument HST Dates # Nights Status Run Summary
19AQ01 MegaCam Feb 1 - 11 11 Done The last 3 nights of semester 2018B were mostly lost to high humidity (42h lost). The 11 nights of 2019A were a mixed bag of photometric skies, high humidity, and winter storm with 150 mph gusts, for a total of 57h lost to weather.
19AQ02 SPIROU Feb 12 - 25 14 Done The Feb 12/13 night was cancelled due to a technical issue with the telescope DEC drive motors. The first SPIRou PI and Large Program observations were obtained during the night of Feb 13/14.
19AQ03 MegaCam Feb 26 - Mar 13 16 Done Almost 70 hours of this long MegaCam run were lost to high humidity, snow, high winds, or clouds. Progress has been slower than desired.
19AQ04 ESPaDOnS Mar 14 - 21 8 Done A minimal amount of time (<1h) was lost to high winds. All nights were photometric. About 2/3 of the hours in A and B programs have been validated.
19AQ05 WIRCam Mar 22 - 28 7 Done Over half of the nights were photometric, with however periods of Image Quality above 1 arcsec. The equivalent of 3 nights (or about 24h) was lost to high humidity of clouds.
19AQ06 MegaCam Mar 29 - Apr 3 6 Done This short run was productive despite 15h lost to weather, and periods of poor Image Quality.
19AQ07 SITELLE Apr 4 - 11 8 Done  
19AQ08 SPIROU Apr 12 - 30 18 Done The weather has been very good and cooperative for this SPIRou run. The QSO team continues to implement new functionalities in the suite of planning and observing tools. Due to a technical failure of the crane required for upper-end exchanges, the initial 14-night run has been extended to a 19-night run.
19AQ09 SITELLE May 1-12 12 Done Due to a failure of the bridge crane on April 26, the exchange to SPIRou was delayed and the SITELLE run was moved ahead of the MegaCam run.
19AQ10 SPIRou May 13-14 2 Done  
19AQ11 WIRCam May 15 - 23 9 Done  
19AQ12 MegaCam May 24 1 Done During the exchange on May 24, the camera shutter experienced some technical difficulties. In addition, in the evening, the cooling was also shut off due to another technical issue. Troubleshooting and an exchange back to WIRCam is scheduled for May 25.
19AQ13 WIRCam May 25 - 29 5 Done  
19AQ14 ESPaDOnS May 30 1 Done
19AQ15 MegaCam May 31 - Jun 6 7 Done  
19AQ16 ESPaDOnS Jun 7 - 11 5 Done This was an excellent run, with excellent weather and Image Quality.
19AQ17 SPIROU Jun 12 - 20 9 Done The weather was excellent most of the run.
19AQ18 WIRCam Jun 21 - 24 4 Lost Due to a failure of the bridge crane, it was not possible to install WIRCam (nor any other instrument) on the telescope. The run has been lost.
19AQ19 MegaCam Jun 25 - Aug 01 37 It's complicated The start of the run was delayed until June 30, to allow more testing of the bridge crane. The run was initially extended by one night and tests performed on the crane forced us to extended the MegaCam run indefinitely and cancel the scheduled SPIRou run to handle crane repairs.
Observations were obtained from June 30 to July 15. During that time, 14h were lost to weather, and 5.5h to a filter jukebox issue. The last few nights of observing were executed before and up to the full moon, which limited the observations possible.
On July 16, the CFHT suspended daytime operations and night time observations because of limited access to the summit.