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ST1100 and other motorcycle information on the Web

ST1100 Maintenance

Please send me any entries for this area, and I'll put them up for all to "enjoy".

ST1100 parts

A listing of many of the ST specific part numbers and other first and third party parts stuff which frequently gets discussed on the list.

ST1100 maintenance hints

A compendium of some of the how-to-do-it suggestions which periodically get discussed on the list. Also has links to all known FAQ's, Ryder approved, or not!

ST1100 accessory, clothing, etc. opinions

Every now and then I will cut out someone's opinion on a particular piece.

STOC Archive of Wisdom

The entire collection of vast STOC wisdom, including, of course, tyres and headshake.

Honda Customer Service
Phone for Honda Customer Service is (310) 532-9811. (Not sure if this is national or regional.) Address is
       Motorcycle Customer Service Department
       American Honda Company
       PO box 2200
       Torrance, CA  90501-2200 

Motorcycle Businesses

Accessories, dealers, etc.

Links to merchants who sell things which just might be of interest to ST1100 owners.

Honda's Home page

The mother lode!

Rentals, shipping and tours

A fairly comprehensive listing of places which rent bikes, offer bike tours, and ship bikes. Missing are places which only deal in Harleys.

ST1100 clubs and groups

STOC - ST1100 Owners Club

Steinar Fremme's STOC Pages

HSTA Honda Sport Touring Association Official HSTA Page


Pan European / ST 1100 Clubs Worldwide

ST1100 photo gallery

A listing of links to some ST photos and graphics. Some are here in my pages, and others are scattered over the world. As far as I know, none are considered proprietary unless noted.

ST1100 Riders on the Web

ST1100 Owners Home Pages

A good number of the ST1100 owners maintain a Web presence. I keep a list of the STOC links I run across, and try to keep it updated on a sporatic basis. If you want to visit some great biking people, just click this way.

STOC list users' sigs

There are a lot more ST'ers who lurk, contribute, and flame on the list. I have sort of kept a list of the email signatures of most of the people who show up there. Hope your browser doesn't gag on this non-HTML text file! It's in alphabetical order, and you just might be able to search it. Entries are separated by "/--------". Beware, however, it's already up to about 100K!

STOC membership list

This is the official list, right from the KOTL's page. It has STOC number, name, city, state, country, province, etc., and email address.

ST handles list

This is the official list, as posted by the KOTH periodically, and spasmodically, on the STOC mailing list.

STOC Events - at least some of them

EaSTOC - 02

May 10 - 12, Blue Ridge Cycle Camp Ground, NC

NeSTOC - 02

May 31 - June 2, Auburn, NY

WeSTOC - 2002

Ashland Oregon, July 30, 31, and August 1.

STOC logo items

There isn't a real business in ST items, but occasionally one of the members gets an insane idea that he or she will make their fortune selling the perfect item to the listers. I will try to keep a current list of things which are available, but this is a pretty ephemeral market. Contact the people directly if you are interested.


Peter Engel, #831, is selling all sorts of STOC logo embrodiered clothing - hats, sweats, polos, jacktets...

Motorcycle Rides

Information which might help set up some great motorcycle rides. This includes such things as routes, bike campgrounds, etc.

Applachian Highways

Gets you to Dale Coyner's home page, where you can get info and order a copy. I did, and I liked the book. I read parts of it again before I went to EASTOC. It convinced me that I had to do Deal's Gap, even if I am not the greatest rider ever. If I had time, I would try to do some of the rides exactly as he laid them out. In any case, it's a good book if you are going to that section of the country.

Best Roads

Info on a number of good bike roads.

Icons/Blue Ridge & Smoky Mountains

Info on order an adventure map, which is designed for bikers.


Not directly motorcycle related, but a good camping resource.

Great Roads List

Motorcycle Routes in the United Kingdom

Motorcycling in the Blue Ridge Mountains

This looks like the start of a good page on the Blue Ridge. The author is located in Virginia, so it is oriented to a more Norther part than the North Carolina based pages.

Other Motorcycle Groups

There are, hard to believe, other bikes than ST1100's, and some of these actually have a Web presence. Here are some I have come across in my exploring. Some are bike specific, like the STOC, and others are open. Enjoy...

Concours Owners Group (COG)

Mainley Motorcycles -- New England Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Pacific Coast Owners Group (COG)

San Diego Motorcyclists Web Page

Don Presten, an STOC'er is the Webmaster on this page

Other Motorcycle Links

Lots of other folks maintain lists of motorcycle related links. Here are some of the best of them.

Accessories, dealers, etc.

This will lead to some links to merchants who sell things which just might be of interest to ST1100 owners.


Motorcycle Yellow Pages

San Diego Motorcycle Club "Other links" page

This page, hosted by the SDMC, and ex-ST'er Don Presten, has over 2000, non-guaranteed motorcycle links. It's not the most organized place I've seen, so you may want to try your browser's search feature.

Other Motorcycle Stuff

This is the stuff that hasn't fit into one of my categories yet. index

There's a bit of everything in here. Very well indexed. You may not always find what you want, but it's often interesting reading. See what they have to say about favorite STOC subjects such as countersteering, oil, or tyres.

Mark Bergman

Cycle News Home Page

Denziens of Doom MC

Iron Butt Association

More Iron Butt

Welcome to Motorworld

MotorCycle On Line

UK Bikenet ??

Carl Paukstis's "Mailing List Roundup,"

Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Program

Team Oregon Motorcycle Safety Program

Motorcycle Safety Page

Marc Lewis Motorcycle Yellow Pages

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