T0007 : The Final CFHTLS Release

Patrick Hudelot, Yuliana Goranova, Yannick Mellier,
Henry Joy McCracken, Frédéric Magnard,
Mathias Monnerville, Gregory Sémah
Terapix / Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris

Jean-Charles Cuillandre, Kanoa Withington
Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Corporation

Nicolas Regnault, Marc Betoule
LPNHE, CNRS-IN2P3 and Universités Paris 6 & 7

Mathias Schultheis
Observatoire de Besançon

Hervé Aussel

October 26, 2012


Technical Documentation
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1 CFHTLS-T0007 Executive Summary
2 Key new features in T0007
List of Figures
List of Tables
3 T0007 processing description
 3.1 A note on CCD numbering and nomenclature
 3.2 Detrending at CFHT
 3.3 Overview of T0007 processing at Terapix
 3.4 Image evaluation and pre-selection
 3.5 Astrometric calibration and initial photometric rescaling
 3.6 Production of the Wide and Deep stacks
 3.7 Photometric calibration
 3.8 Final catalogue production
 3.9 Post-processing and quality control
4 Description of the CFHTLS T0007 Wide survey
 4.1 Overview
 4.2 Seeing and image quality
 4.3 Depth and completeness limits
 4.4 Photometric accuracy
 4.5 Astrometric accuracy
 4.6 Outliers, stacks with exceptions or anomalies
5 Description of the CFHTLS T0007 Deep survey
 5.1 Overview
 5.2 Astrometric accuracy
 5.3 Photometric accuracy
 5.4 Depth and completeness limits
6 Data products
 6.1 Data set
 6.2 Data types and file naming conventions
 6.3 Content of CFHTLS source catalogues
 6.4 The QualityFITS input and output products
 6.5 Transfer to CADC and CDS
7 Acknowledgements
A CFHTLS T0007 Wide supplementary information
 A.1 Complete list of Wide stacks coordinates, filters and exposure time
 A.2 List of images in each Wide stack
 A.3 CFHTLS T0007 Wide configuration files
B CFHTLS T0007 Deep supplementary information
 B.1 Rescaling factors applied to deep stacks
 B.2 CFHTLS T0007 Deep configuration files
Acronyms & Abbreviations
Acronyms & Abbreviations (cont.)