CFHT J. E. D. I. Council 2023 Report to the Board of Directors

December 2023

The JEDI Council (Justice, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) came together at the request of Jean-Gabriel early in the year of 2023 to encourage a positive and inclusive environment within CFHT and supporting and assisting staff in fulfilling its mission of promoting equality, diversity, inclusion, and justice. Volunteers (one from each group) representing the diversity of CFHT staff and functions were requested for a two-year term. The Council advises the CFHT Executive and internal committees on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the corporation.

The Council was introduced to Dr. Rhonda Talford Knight, a PhD in EDI. Dr. Knight came to CFHT to meet with the Executive, present a workshop on EDI to the company and began assisting the committee with its tasks. A Mission Statement was put together by the Council which is the following:

The JEDI Council will foster intentional relationships within our workplace and among our many communities, upholding and fulfilling kuleana as stewards, implementing systemic growth through ongoing education of ourselves and others, cultivating a sense of belonging.

The Council, with the assistance of Dr. Knight, developed a strategy with initiatives and action items on things that impact those we work with, engagements in our community, colleagues, hiring diversity and managing employees.

Jean-Gabriel then introduced us to Lee-Ann Heely who is a community relations consultant for CFHT. She now assists the JEDI Council in their work. Since then, the JEDI Council has accomplished the following:

Revampment of the recruitment process which entails:

  • Oversight of job postings and job descriptions with HR
  • Training hiring committee
  • Adding a JEDI representative on hiring committee
  • Construction of question lists
  • Vetting process
  • Placing results in a useful metric

Preparation of a survey for all CFHT staff. The survey has been completed and will be released to the staff in early 2024. The results of the staff survey will inform the direction of the JEDI Council in 2024.

Collaboration with ED on the addition of cultural content for BoD and SAC meetings.